shh the camera is talking

I'm giving tumblr a shot, so enjoy enjoy enjoy :)

shh the camera is talking


last night I walked with a stranger

be good or be gone

"If you happen to read this,
Rose was born,
On the fifth day of snow

I read to you on saturdays,
museum has closed down,
sell all your things,
at the end if of the drive

I have become
an aerial view
of the town
you once knew"

whadup muffin


1. two weeks
2. 14 days
3. are yo checkin' out ma ass?
4. cork trees are exticnt. what will we plug wine with? :O
5. :) ;) :( :'( :P :O :@ :S
6. sneakiness can be redeemed through buying generous gifts ie. a hairdryer
7. "RUN!" "RUN?"... "RUN!!"
8. ladyzee and I saw some roadrage.. a man got his foot run over and he punched the window.
9. I am only $90 off my goal
10. zoe's hair will be forever straight
11. fionn regan is amazing
12. two weeks
13. you're still grounded
14. cheer up kiddo
15. whadup jordanna? you're a babe
16. glee is a really, really good show
17. lyrics are the best part of a the song
18. I haven't had a good chai in so long
19. I think you're actually really funny....
20. winks make anything sexual
21. I don't travel without a ticket
22. yeah, we did go out of our way to sit and eat maccas. and then we got hungry again, so we bought some more. " guys, we'll probably still be here in 25 years..."
23. &&&&&&&
24. i know you can't stop thinking about him.. BUY THAT SKIRT
25. i see you everywhere...
26. two weeks
27. i want you.
28. heh
29. heh
30. heh


recently been a lil MIA
i'll make a list of exciting things later.
i pwomise ;)


noah and the whale noah and the whale noah and the whale noah and the whale noah and the whale noah and the whale


small world

i know this image is shit but i like the sentiment .


and i be like, god, you rock...

things on the mind:
- why am i so physically weak ?
- what happens to old people with tattoo's, are they hidden from society?
- banana cake with cream cheese icing
- descartes' meditations -and my realms of agreement.
- yes, we can know things, we can know lots of things.
- snuggling. snuggles. snugs.
- snowy rowy ba doey a noey
- how dark am i colouring my hair?
- why does ---- always die on the first level of icy tower?
- why can't your mum drive us?
- why is sarah not online?
- sarah has a uniboob.
- sarah is perfect for snuggling.
- i hope my white jumper doesnt stain.
- i love chadstone.
- spinach quiches make a delicious afternoon snack.
- careers night sucked.... yeah....
- i hope i'm not lodged in pennypacker house. that would suck..
- when and where will the intervention take place? I'll bring the c cake.
- why does your hair only curl at the bottom?
- what can you learn from this post? lists are a waste of time. sorry to bore you

guyzz, im sick of peeps gettin' all up in religions grill!
i be like, wtf... religion is da best fucking thing on da planet and you crossing that yo!
lolz soz annoying message... i can summarise it in a sentence if you ceebs reading because im nice like that. my below argument is about: religion is one of the most innovative concepts that exists in both modern and ancient civilisation, and most people that like to bag it have an opinion that stole off a parent/parents and like to be skeptical because they think it makes them smart but either a) dont really know anything or b) are repeating well used arguments. eg (hitler is an excellent leader!.. um im not sure guys, but i think someone's dad said that on special friends day in year 6, and it keeps being repeated....**).
In more detailed terms, i think religion is sweet! this does not make me right, obviously, it justr makes me opiniated, becuase i have.. an opinion. My reasons for believing religion is good are not ones commonly found in google (blah blah, if youre interested), but they are things i agree with in my lettle head. religion is nothing more then a set of guidlines to live life by. narrow it down and every religion has this in common, it is a fundamental. personally, i'd love rules because if you freestyle, you may discover that murder is actually condoned, and stealing that baby was a bad idea, after your jailmate rips your testicles off. theres also this idea of unity, which is why high school musical and flash mobs are so outrageusly popular, people adore the idea of unity and there's safety in numbers. individual being united over one powerful cause is empowering, and inspiring, and important in realising and visualisng future goals. also, my personal favourite aspect of religion, theres a god to have your back. i love it. i love the idea that gods there with his halo all jiggy and his arms outstretched to catch me when i fuck up big time and all my friends go byebyes.. god is nothing more then an imaginary friend for grownups, and hey im ok with it, in fact i friggen loooove it. having a god means theres that one guy that is always there for you, in every sense.. EVERY SENSE. he can also multitask to do the following:
- make excuses for all bad desicions - eg. "god thought it was right for me to pick loreal and dye my hair pink!"
- tell her shes doing awesome in times of lowness " thats ok, some people find mars bar hill difficult too!"
- picks up general slack when lazy
- offers guidance, sometimes even navigationally; "no, you definitely need to turn off at that log, you HAVE seen it before, plus, im in the sky brother, i can see, duh"
- is a friend when in emotional low. i refuse to give example.
- laughs at jokes/puns/ sexual innuendos. "LOL, he really WAS fat!!"
so, religion is just great, simply peachy.
if you want it, ask for it.
i would also like to acknowledge that you dont have to a agree with a thing i say, because its really getting to me at the mo when people tell me something and i am expected to believe it... is there really a huge issue in me sitting in my indifference?
time for snugs.
** for the record, hitler is not a good leader in my honest opinion.1. he lead out of fear, and fear is an easy way yet underhandedly cowardly way to control people. 2. his actions were not determining a group of people were lead to a greater good, this begs the question of a powerful person vs a good leader, powerful people will better themselves, good leaders will benefit others. hitler wanted a personal goal, albeit one which plenty of people believed. this does not make him a good leader, it makes him a good liar, if a lie is good enough, it will be believed by enough people. come see me fo more juice.


we are the lost generation

Watch this.
Because its clever and worth watching.

It is positive in both message and presuasive language.


The Mercedes-Benz motto is “Das Beste oder Nichts” meaning “the best or nothing”.

"I saved a baby, but I'm not a hero"

"He's married'

"This is my lesbian sister. Hey, hey why don't you tell them about your softball game?"


to be a castle, builidngs must have a turrent, a drawing room, a trapdoor and over 100 windows.





dear, you look so lost

It is a physcological fact;
That when a person cries a first tear from their right eye, it means hapiness.
But when a person cries a first tear from their left eye, it means sadness.
There are certain things I want more then anything, anything.


tell me what you know about dreams, dreams

I have a bangin' idea up ma sleeve.. it includes one of my favourite ideas and favourite men and the best dialogue you can imagine.. so thats a bit exciting.
But now i have to flesh out a debate, and study canions, onions and anions.