we are the lost generation

Watch this.
Because its clever and worth watching.

It is positive in both message and presuasive language.


The Mercedes-Benz motto is “Das Beste oder Nichts” meaning “the best or nothing”.

"I saved a baby, but I'm not a hero"

"He's married'

"This is my lesbian sister. Hey, hey why don't you tell them about your softball game?"


to be a castle, builidngs must have a turrent, a drawing room, a trapdoor and over 100 windows.





dear, you look so lost

It is a physcological fact;
That when a person cries a first tear from their right eye, it means hapiness.
But when a person cries a first tear from their left eye, it means sadness.
There are certain things I want more then anything, anything.


tell me what you know about dreams, dreams

I have a bangin' idea up ma sleeve.. it includes one of my favourite ideas and favourite men and the best dialogue you can imagine.. so thats a bit exciting.
But now i have to flesh out a debate, and study canions, onions and anions.


ask out the girl of your dreams

liv boyd and i did spin class on sunday afternoon... we never realised it meant bein. g yelled at by a fierce black woman in a dark room on giant difficult sweaty bikes while she yelled"sho me what chu got".
I will never return..


restoration in the generation

Sometimes we need restoration in this generation.

This blog is amazing - Alice has a vision, but she doesn't have a home.
She wants to find out what home means to people. So, you send a frontal polaroid of your home, and on the back, you right your name, and location.
Then, on a little piece of paper, you explain why it is so special.
And then you send it away, to Alice, In france.
So far, around 70 people have contributed their homes and explained why they love them, in a project that will eventually be presented in an exhibit.
Already, I have my photo. So this afternoon, I shall be at a post office, with an envelope heading to France. If you would like to as well, visit A home For Alice.


i just want you to rely on me

brydie bell

Brydie Bell is cool.

she can skate.... wearing a festive scarf and holding what is apparently north america's last polar bear.

she wears a denim shirt.

and slouches appropriately.



now i will have some chocolate and go rest. yes.

So I've heard these make you famous

I like photos with quotes ; the combination of images and wisdom is clever.

I said I would never forget the first letter of friendship.

masq your ade

famous mamous bo bamous do damous

apparently i have an expressive face !
i just have flexible features :S
i know the shame in neglecting my blog.. sorray :s
i like..
- having my feet covered
- my ropey vest
- coral that sounds like fairy music
- vickys polaroid
- religion
- v line train
- wearing socks, all the time..
- sepia
- chai lattes (gay or otherwise)
- the little ox
- keiths cakes
- mohair blankets
- sad movies
- bad songs
- pop songs (shamed)
-tony abbot
- debating
- things to be ordered neatly ( anal? )
- airports
- television. i watch too much. keeping up with the k's, toddlers and tiaras, greys anatomy, brothers and sisters, the mentalist, the footy show, teen cribs, gok wan
- cosmo

i hate:
- indesicion
- barnaby joyce
- the infuriating desicicons made by k-ruddy
- people that embarrass others for the sake of god knows what
- bad grammar
- (c) ririririririririririri
- when that sneaky purple bubbles gets you on bubble struggle level 45. mm.
- maths
- the many restrictions on my choice of seating in chinese
- when sarah slaps me because i cant get the chinese to make sense outside of my head
- that my face is expressive
- hybrid bellybutton..
-dirty hair
- cockroaches
- ugly voices
- bad endings
- acoustic versions
- tavi gevinson
- open doors when in my room
- alterior motives

i wish:
- that there was a movie were all major stars would play their best characters and meet each other. this would need to be directed by a really amazing director with really clever scriptwriters. not quentin tarantino hes too weird.
- snowy was nicer.
- plans wouldnt change
- i could actually catch the bus on time
- i met the kardashians
- i had a top locker
- i could snuggle and/or rest all the time
- people werent so lazy
- it was socially acceptable to eat pad thai for every meal
- i had more hair
- the dog could walk himself
- all the ideas i had could be documented more easily then me sitting here trying to remember what i wanted when i was on the train today.
- fat fat expressive face fat siiiigggh
- sarah understood the above sign language.