famous mamous bo bamous do damous

apparently i have an expressive face !
i just have flexible features :S
i know the shame in neglecting my blog.. sorray :s
i like..
- having my feet covered
- my ropey vest
- coral that sounds like fairy music
- vickys polaroid
- religion
- v line train
- wearing socks, all the time..
- sepia
- chai lattes (gay or otherwise)
- the little ox
- keiths cakes
- mohair blankets
- sad movies
- bad songs
- pop songs (shamed)
-tony abbot
- debating
- things to be ordered neatly ( anal? )
- airports
- television. i watch too much. keeping up with the k's, toddlers and tiaras, greys anatomy, brothers and sisters, the mentalist, the footy show, teen cribs, gok wan
- cosmo

i hate:
- indesicion
- barnaby joyce
- the infuriating desicicons made by k-ruddy
- people that embarrass others for the sake of god knows what
- bad grammar
- (c) ririririririririririri
- when that sneaky purple bubbles gets you on bubble struggle level 45. mm.
- maths
- the many restrictions on my choice of seating in chinese
- when sarah slaps me because i cant get the chinese to make sense outside of my head
- that my face is expressive
- hybrid bellybutton..
-dirty hair
- cockroaches
- ugly voices
- bad endings
- acoustic versions
- tavi gevinson
- open doors when in my room
- alterior motives

i wish:
- that there was a movie were all major stars would play their best characters and meet each other. this would need to be directed by a really amazing director with really clever scriptwriters. not quentin tarantino hes too weird.
- snowy was nicer.
- plans wouldnt change
- i could actually catch the bus on time
- i met the kardashians
- i had a top locker
- i could snuggle and/or rest all the time
- people werent so lazy
- it was socially acceptable to eat pad thai for every meal
- i had more hair
- the dog could walk himself
- all the ideas i had could be documented more easily then me sitting here trying to remember what i wanted when i was on the train today.
- fat fat expressive face fat siiiigggh
- sarah understood the above sign language.

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