what are YOU thinking pixie?

Seeeew greys anatomy is rad.

and the merger means everyones gone mad.

they have a really shitty tumour

and the patients is probably doomered

derek and meredith are newlyweds,

and the physco in room 1 has not taken todays meds.

I hope that is not laughter I hear..
it is, isn't it..



i know it is wrong to neglect the studies of re-education and slowly ignore my upcoming english monologue.
stop looking at me like that

pitching and rolling

I would not enjoy living on a boat. I would hate it. I would be plagued by a constant fear of the ticking alligator in peter pan and a rare though deadly white squall. I would hate the feeling of salt in my hair, and i would trip over ropes on deck. I would suffer without fresh fruit, and i would most likely sleep walk into the depths of the mediterean. I would be too afraid to toss food to fishes in fear of the pursuit of a shark, and I would die without my internet. But living on a boat is something I want to do, wile away the millions i will have accumulated in my later life and spend it on a small tallship ( SMALL version of the black pearl.. but not.. black. nor will my crew have aliens as their alter egos. no, we will be busy making hip hop dances so we can be ready to challenge other crews). I dont really want a crew, I want to live on a boat when I'm old when i look like merryl streep and travel barefoot wearing overalls with my still blonde hair in fetchingly age-apparent plaits. I'll be lonely, and buy a little boat with a little flag and a tiny cabin and i'll point myself in the vague direction of france and I will spend all my life at sea living amongst old glass and worn paper with a pair of specatcles and a broken compass. I'll sleep in this little cabin, with an ancient map and a cracked mirror. And its all wonderfully transparent and dreamer now, but i'll pull up at little islands and ill grap myself an adequate supply or wilder berries and then i will single handedly push my sail boat out of the sand and i will go where the wind takes me, and it will always be smooth sailing.

i dont need to explain myself
did you think you knew what i typically wanted? does it surpirse that i want to live on a boat? does this make my dream not typical? or does it just mean you dont know enough to formulate what is typical?
even people that are afraid of the ocean still go swimming.

I wanted to know you before you started to fade

this is a fake post!
to entertain while i write my reeeal blog
the one worth reading.
the internet eating rat has gone, so I'm safe to facebook stalk and blog all i like until it gets bored of neighbour stephs wifi and comes back.
who said my life was ruled by rodents?


I want your ugly, I want your disease, I want your everthing as long as its free

Just like that, just like that. So come monday and my head is pounding like a drum and the next morning i wake up and cannot breathe as my tonsils are so big the gap between them was probably as wide as a straw. yes.. I wont go into detail.
And blah blah, bad tonsilitis, blah blah BLOOD TEST.
I was given 3 hours to ready myself. in the 3 hours leading up, i was cool. I was cool, way cool, way chill. i was cool buying emla, which is aenasthetic patches. So I'm good. feeling dandy. Get in car, still fine. Scenic drive to the doctors, I'm doing great. Walk into the doctors, feeling awesome. See pathology room. And this is where my mind developes a fourth dimension where i can only observe my behaviour.. drat.
Ok this fear is utterly debihilatating. I don't give a fuck if no-one believes me, but I actually have a serious aversion to needles. I actually have no given control whatsover, and whats more, its truly not the pain, so before you so many, many fools tell me to harden the feckle up and deal with the pain ITS NOT THE PAIN. i know pain, i can do pain... i had a kidney stone. that, truly, is pain. So no, it is not the pain. And this is so ridiculous becuase i actually have so little inclination or control over something that i would ordinarily scoff at. I cannot describe how I feel when I have needles. I cannot. But I can try? I truly have a hazy recollection of my thoughts so i can only commentate..
Georgia sees pathology room. Starts to uncontrollably hyperventilate. This is not nice. This is like trying to breathe underwater. All communcation is lost, cannot talk to mum/ friendly doctors/insane man in waiting room.
Havving afternoon tea, will retaurn in due course.


I want your drama, the touch of your hand, i want your leather-studded kiss in the sand

I am so obsessed with Sass and Bide. Today, Kirsty Krusty dawg and I went to chaddy to buy a dress, and as we saw the sass and bide store there was a moment of;
me: - inhales sharply -
kirsty: no..
me: -gasps-
kirsty: over budget. way, over budge..
Kirsty: oh god i love that top..
me: - reaches for door, voice still lost -
kirsty: this is a bad idea, your mother will not be happ..
-walks in-
actually not thaaaaat expensive considering its sass and bide.. mum will come around, both kirsty and i can tell. I want that black dress for winter, and dancing, and generally perving on myself wearing it.. is that possible/wrong?
I have a theory.
A Political one, no-one will care.
I think Australia needs more asylum seekers and refugees!
we accept so little every year and whenever we find them bobbing in their rickety ships somewhere off the coast of NSW widdle krudd freaks the fuck out and starts working out ways to sneakily put them in centres on christmas island, or turn them back and hope they bob over to somewhere more accepting of them.
God damn your plantitive scheme, we need more!
If theres an Somalian man with his heavily pregnant wife and two young children, and they spend a month fleeing across a war-torn country and pay their life savings and maybe even his grandfathers watch or something equally as precious to get on a boat thats about the size of tugtug and looks like it was built from matchsticks, then they deserve a better life. If they spend 3 months at sea, and they suffer cholera, malaria and phenomia, and when they finally see land they feel so hopeful, then what right do we have to fucking turn them away?
ah, we dont. Australia is first-world country, we actually have a stable enconomy, we are so very far from over-population, actually, HAS ANYONE THOUGHT THAT PREHAPS IF WE HAD MORE PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY THEN THE ECONOMIC MARKET WOULD TAKE A BOOST? If that somalian man and his family, god forbid, make it to australia, i'm thinking its unlikey then going to set up camp on st kilda beach and stay there. That father is going to go out, hes going to get some money to pay for his wifes pregnancy, and hes going to work all day and all night to put a roof over his childrens head. it truly makes me sad to think we turn away so many people. I understand that theres an argument for them living off a pension, but if thats what my tax is funding then I'm ok with that. I'd rather it feed a child that has seen more devastation then most people have seen in a lifetime then go towards upgrading fed square. the history of America is an interesting one, it was made by slaves and immigrants who wanted to move to the 'promise land' and make a better life for themselves. so if that somalian man takes those steps to make a new life for himself here in Australia, then what kind of people does that make us for turning him away?


Sheryls shack

Olivia, hello. Your presence in b-town this week is exciting, maybe i shall join you on the bus?
Work today, oi lan wasn't feeling particulary onerous and decided to shout me a kilo or 12 of pies, cream cakes, biscuits, all kinds of delicious good that i had pack into my crap-laden fridge in order to fit. yeah sorry about not writing that frequently, schools back, i am so over it an considering tafe, im going to study hairdressing. Years of private school education, so un-important, ill just ditch all my well built morals to rename myself sheryl and open sheryls shack which is a hairdresser store where you can get a colour and hack for 10 bucks. Similiar thinkers include em, studying cake decoration and zoe studying embroidery.
tomorrow, i swear on my hairdressing life i will write something worthwhile, including a photo story of the hairdressing debacle and also softball with TEAM GUGGENHYMEN.



In Law.
Sbear on roight, ehurls on leftay, bridie slightly far away, and cbabes rocking out the whiteboard.
This post is to entertain sbear.
who just said 'are you fut enough?'
that is all.


Such a rebel..?

In IT.
Turns out my wireless never worked becuase my computer was constantly giving me shifty eyes and not believe I was who i said I was. It never belived my identity! Curse you, validating machine! Went to go see JEZAAAAA jeremy in the techy lab and he worked wonders. IT people are gods. Gods.
Stalking a swedish blog, as one does, the swedes are always whipping out the good stuff.
Rune Generiussen, I love the photography, the light fixtures are hugely entertaining.
I just like to wonder how they got power out there.. dont tell me you werent thinking too..

You can undertsand dependence when you know the makers hand..

Watching brother and sisters
I am horrified, i want to hug her, shes just been told!
dchiwekwnfc8ed cannot function, my heart is with a fictional character.

.... This is art by LLYMLR, No, i have absoloutely no clue on how to pronouce that, though shes a truly talented gal.
Apologies for shittay posts, i get distrcted easily.



Fly the ocean in a silver plane

See the Pyramids around the Nile,
see the sun rise from my tropic isle,
just remember darling all the while,
you belong to me.
See the Market place in old Algiers,
Send me photographs and souvenirs,
Just remember when a dream appears,
you belong to me.
Fly the Ocean in A silver plane,
see the jungle when its wet with rain,
just remember till you home again,
you belong to me.
This was a Love song written by in the 50's by a man who's 'sweetheart' was travelling, and he used to sing it every night she was away.
Every single night.
Is gallantry really dead?
is it?
Despite many feminist views, I really hope not.

Rose stems and Feral possums

Here are some photomographs from my stint in photography 'classes' in year 8. Basically we were given a camera and instructed not to take too many photos and forced out no matter what the weather conditions. The next week we developed our shitty photos, and the week after we would take. Battling people for the good tongs and drying rack space and who could snap the butterfly first was always interesting with its tribulations. These are a collection of the best of the worst, as back in year 8 i couldnt take a creative photo to save my life. iI do have some construcively better ideas for 201o and I will happily share them at this stage im just about scanning everything i can. I'm doing photography again this year, and hopefully my subjects are ore interesting then rose thorns, cats and teachers on bicycles ( observing a small feral possum, i may add).


Weak little lion man

Celine! You now have the old head designer of Chloe! You dragged her out of retirement with a substanital paycheck and now she is designing amazing things that everyone can wear! .. Overuse of exclamation marks.. prehaps. I love thisss! You know I'm excited when I'm slurring with excitement an a line skirt and white shirt. Love the shoes. always the shoes.
The marketing director at Clinque deserves a medal and a well chosen bouquet of flowers sent to his/her home real quick. Becuase for years Clinque have always had the nicest brightest campaigns, like the lipstick one with the strawberries and those faint red discs for the concealer. How beautiful is that flower? It is remarkable how easily these things get to me, i must be the worlds most vacuous and softest person when it comes to a good ad campaign, must be in the blood. or not. maybe i am just attracted to bright and shiny.

I am a) like a magpie, get distracted easily and quickly in stores eg. "ohh bright and shiny! "oh wait, more bright and shiny!". AND B) a shop assistants dream. I am so gulible and so easy to manipulate into a buy... everything on this shelf i have collected over the past few weeks and most of it i bought in about 10 secs flat. Lets go through that, shall we?
This is my floating shelf, i sleep under it so i fall asleep with a constant fear i will be crushed overnight. The giant Tin "G" was from the crazy lady store of the women who owns that shop on durrant street! shes mad! she got hit by a taxi and therefore often yells obscenities at people walking past. the widdle white frame i bought the other day with soph sarah and zoe, and example of how easily i can be lured into buying something. Zoe went to the post office and i came back with a frame.. Sometimes i do get ashamed..
The big frame with the text in it i made, using an old frame and the most interesting articles of a vogue.. my favourite headline is in the top left corner " Some Kind of Wonderful".
the little tin man pushing his cart i bought with sarah at an op shop on glenhuntly road, and it was $2 i think, he actually moves too.
The tealights was another magpie moment, from bed bath and table, i need to go back and get a 3rd. I love how the candle light shines through. I love it until the incensed candles give me a headache.. and then i stop loving it.
The big floral frame is my favourite, i still need to put a photo in, it was a bit expensive but i love the colours, and i love the pattern, and it breaks up the white. Im currently stalking an etsy frame which is white porcelian with flying birds on it... how i want you.

.. this is what I'm finding off all my obsecenly named folders..
I got out some of my photography photos from year sevs as i was feeling confident in my ability to take thrilling photos of trees, but as i looked through them i question what the fuck i was thinking when wanting to photograph zoe falling out of a tree and mr bartlett looking at a possum. But I'll put some of them on soon, and I'm doing photography again this year.
... Hello Indi, i hope to see you tomorrow in.. english?..


Your Daddy's Rich and Your Ma is Beautiful

Jeanne Oliver
I'm in a soft mood...(gay) like a coconut macaroon we sell at keiths for $2.20.
I've listened to "Summertime" By Ella Fitzgerald again and again. ( also gay)
Its been on my ipod for years, and I've never listened to it, just skipped past. But now I love it, Ella Fitzgerald was a singer in the 50's and Summertime is so scary.. scary beautiful but haunting, for want a less corny adjective... why must i sound say typical?
i blame sitting in a room with candles and mood lighting.
I'll write about Ella again another time, Ive been saving that for a post when i have a lot of time on my hands.. when does that occur nowadays IM BACK AT SCHOOL?
Actually, I had a lot of fun this afternoon. Usually I can't shop with my friends and only the credit card weilding mum BUT I HAD SO MUCH FUN. S, Z, S and my assualt on all shoe stores was both shocking and fabulous, how i want you, tall grey suede aldo shoes.
And you, RobertRobert $250 Suede Booties.
-Jeanne Oliver is an etsy seller I'm stalking and when I found out she had a Blog I was thrilled. Its called a Bush and a Peckle.. intruiging?
that is all.