You've heard about the shop, now you need the clothes.

So I'm hoping you've read the piece i wrote on my today and my shopping trip, becuase this will make no sense otherwise. From tip to toe, naaaw.
The beret thingy is like a wheat coloured little hat thing that sits clinging to the back of my head and makes me appear somewhat european.. really throws off the americans. The shirt, which looks buttoned up high, which it isnt, its low enough to just not see bra, is like a denimy thing and doesnt photograph too well but goes with everything, my little banana republic steal. That vest i actually had to year 12 firbank girls stalk me down church st to ask about, i got it from a little boutique in the city.........
.......... which i found tucked in an ally, and its like ropey and actually is my favourite piece in my wardrobe becuase i've never seen anyone else in it and it just makes everyhting look good. Belt is tan leather and i have no recollection of where i bought it, but i wear it with everything. Jeans are my dark ones, which i dont wear that often, their from gripp, not gasp (ew) but gripp.
and finally, the new shoesies :)

so now ya'll know what i will be wearing tomorrow down hollywood boulevard, which im going to becuase a) i want to see the stars on the hollywood walk of fame and b) its new years. = celebrities. im not leavig until i see one. satisfyingly creepy, ahhh. go read my experience from my amazing shopping trip.
and finally, i've been saving this lil baby right here
sarah, oh my little shmuck, my darling panda bear.
i have poloroid camera for us.
yes. becuase today i saw an a sign advertising 'old cameras' and im like like "oh mum i want to buy sarah and i a poloroid" and shes like "you silly goose, dad has one at work you can have for sure"
why the bajesus does my dad have a polaroid cam cam???!!!! who knows. who cares
but hopefully he can find it as his work, and then, then it is ours,
and i already checked, apparently it has cartridges.
ohhh yeeeah
happy new year panda bear.

Those 'lil extras

One of the pairs of my cardiac arrest shoes. Real Leather. Super Comfortable. Aren't they gorgeous?
if god shrunk down from the heavens to be embodied by an unhealthy sugary cereal, this would be him. Those colourful things are like freeze dried marshmallows.. i cant describe them very well but its like a chalky texture, we have nothing like it in austraya. Lucky Charms. a godsend.

hey, this i actually found in an opshop in brighton. its so pretty, its about 60cm by 60cm, and i asked the lady how much it was. $6. Gold. Ohhhh yeeeeaaah.


Today I Had over 20 fashion induced heart attacks.

The. United. States. Of. America.Is. The . Best. Place.To. Shop.
My Today goes a little like this. Last night i went to bed, but an epic battle inbetween James and i ensured that HE got the big bed and i got the ridiculous single. I love the house, its a gorgeous location, likened to the golden mile, and huntington beach is an amazing area to live. I lay in bed a while, in the fear that 2 armed men would come tumbling through my window and shoot me as a lay defencless in my single bed. there are lots of guns in america, and i fear we may be shot any moment. made dad check the locks, many had broken, so the next morning we had to call a locksmith. did i mention that the amenities and services in america are fantastic?
had great great sleep, but woke similtaneously with famdogga at 2am, curse you, international dateline. the next morning, after my battle with the floppy showerhead, the martins (aleeeexxiissss) arrived at 11. they were staying a little while away, and i was very much impressed by their dodge. vipperrrrr. we have a giant cadillaac or something. (sarah much? sarah?) anyway. we went out for breakfast, it was cold, but not freezing. like melbourne weather. ya'll feel it? we met ross's college friend rob (pronouced "raab" with amez accent) and he took us to a little cafe/diner called the sugar shack. alexis and i dubiously studied current american trends, every single teenage girl in the state of california is wearing..uggboots. down under much? raab is very fit and loves car has a shiney smile. he was helpful though, he gav kim, mother, alexis and i directions to a huge popular mall (read: shopping center.everybody laughed as i called it a shopping centre). at the sugar shack i had poached eggs, and i learnt my first lesson, 'lemonade' is not sprite, its lemon squash. i was apalled and horrified when the waiter offered james 'jelly' with his french toast, i jumped in rudely with "god no james you can't have jelly what on earth were you thinking its early! (splutter with indignation)"turns out it was jam. eh. i knew that, i swear ive been to the states before... (but you wouldnt know it). went into shoe store, picked up nice pair of heels. before i contnue to read the price, i will attempt to explain my ungodly and tragic obsesson with shoes. i dont know why, i love them. they are the best part of an outfit. i see a shoe store and i cannot help it. i loveee them. and the states have the most stylish shoes. i pick up shoes. i turn shoes over. shoes 50$. i look for a one, as in 150$. no 1. turned to shriek and shake alexis. and this was my first of many encounters.
dropped james + kelly + andrew at home. romantic much?
dad and ross and raab go to buy car.
mum , kim, alexis and i do what my every intention from god is to do. to shop.
and shop we do. we hit the 405 ( americas road system is stunningly good. they have handy traffic lights draped overhead, huge intersections, concrete roads, and street names on huge green signs. and plenty of freeways. but thats just CA).
we get to a massive shopping center, like chadstone actually. it has high fashion, including chanel, balenciaga, gucci, hermes, prada, louis vuitton, balmain, P/S, plus many others that my fashion quenched brain cannot recall. and, it was the benefits of stores like banana republic, hollister, abercrombie and fitch, zara, gap, gant, banana republic, victorias secret, jimmy choo, nine west, steve maddern, other good stuff.
its fair to say i lost my mind. just like mum lost hers when she realised they had a store that stocked salvatorre ferragamo. that was mad.
the minute we walked in i actually had heart palpitations. actually, the first store i saw was oliliy, the last olily or something, which reminded me of zoe. my eyes were wide an bright as i took in the beautiful bright, light, new, modern, calming 'mall'. then we got a photo infront of a carousel of reindeer. in australia, we have the 25th and then its all the US christmas goes till new years. then, i noticed something. there was a FEMALE foot locker and A MALE footlocker. hoe rofs is that? mum went in to see nike airs for james. 50$. new season. i was sick on foot lockers floor. kiddding.
went upstairs, saw shoe store and died. went in. died some more, because THERE WAS A PAIR OF SHOES ORGINALLY FOR 110$US. THEN, THEYWERE REDUCED TO 50, AND THEN SOME MORE, TO 25$. so i bought them. bootiful. tan, high, straps, love. also was a nude strappy pair, also 35. tried shoes on, bought shoes. and you know what? i could pay with a 50$ note. too cool. too happy. and then my liver stopped functiong. and my brain shriveled up in its cranium and supressed a long, long hour or 2 in which i marched into victorias secret. at this point, my humble hemispheres stopped to allow my body an hour of ultimate joy. and that was my victorias secret experience in one. i was more like a kid in a candy store. i was like a kid in willy wonkas freaking factory. alexis and i wondered in, through the wrong door actually, becuase itss huuuugeeeee. tons of people inside, and i was like a magpie, going for anything bright and shiny. the. bras. are. incredible. and. so. comfortable. i wanted everything. everything. lost alexis, found her later rhymitcally and obsessively going through the too die for cute underwear. i joined her, and we did at least 3 laps of the underwear section. she and i couldnt communicate, only through lifting up amazing lingerie and grunting in approval. never disapproval. there was nothing to disapprove of. i know this post is long. i dont care. you need to know. my 5 dear, dear followers, YOU NEED TO KNOW. sarah, thought of sarah the entire time. you would love it, panda. i actually dug for my phone and brashfully ingored all international dialing costs but the time differ is fucked and i know your sick so i decided not to wake you. mum and kim,meanwhile,were losing their minds over prada sunglasses. a pair of which my mum bought. we share the gene.
the followed us into victorias secret. they squelaed too.they mimicked our virgil of running from each section, the try on pile growing all the while. cued for changerooms. changerooms sophisticated. an hour and a half later i have a huge bag FULL of victorias secret stuff. and thats only trip one. stop for quick pep up starbucks. have awkward conversation with starbucks man, whom, though goodlooking, cannot get my name right. takes long time and many, many spelling attepts. the gave up at louise.
moved on, this time to zara. um love love. though of zof every minute. i know she adores zara. i couldnt stop.wanted everything, EVERTHING. next door was banana republic, which i also died in. their current designer needs a medal. bought a denimy shirt thing, which is sooo fantastic and sooo versatile. the kim+mum+me+alexis team work well together, we all grab something,double in change rooms and all compare. mum and i bought a slouchy wool gray cardigan, i love, like a thousand times over.
next stop united colours of benetton, which was also hot to trot.
and then another absoloutly breathtaking store whose name escapes me, but it was bloody huge and popular. you'd know it..if i can rememer it.
then we went to abercrombie and fitch, which believe it or not isn't those hundreds of tshirts you see around, it had barely any jumpers, it was really fashionable stuff. like sportsgirl, but warmer and a nicer quality. i wanted this military jacket thing but it was 100$ and in the us we consider that expensive. reaaly wanted this handknitted grey vest but i have too many vests. dont worry,vest i shall return. alexis wet mental in a+f, she loved it.
went to other stores, it was all a crazy blur. hermes getting tan bag, your mine.
girlies, there is so much of that blue and white stripe stuff you see in sportgirl. like that but nicer, better quality, cheaper and with more variety. bless you, LA, bless you.
finally, we had to go :(:(:(:( my saddest hour. but i vowed to return, and return i will.
hopped in huge but trusty viper, with experienced kim at the wheel we shot off home. i mean this, the speed limits in the state of california are through the roof. scray fast.
came home, ate pizza, planned tomorrow at disneyland.
i hope you have an absoloutely amazing time and i miss you all dearly.
you wouldnt believe it based on the post, but i do :)
love you all very much, i hope youre all out lovin' new years.
and hows this, they have this chain of resturants called the 'outback adventure'. they think its australia. no,love, no.


Hopped off the plane at LAX...

Getting here was actually among the biggest rofls of my life.
ahahahahahahahahahaha enjoy this.
So i had to leave my much loved flight lounge/haven. which was sad, and i was further disheartened by the knowledge that the flight was full. great. chances that i would be seated next to a fat, sweating man greatly increased at that. anyway, we headed towards the gate and then... we got separated into male and women, becuase all passensgers going to the us needs to be triple checked,
so, we got frisked. and all our carry on luggage was checked. females getfrisked by females, males by males. i had a lady check through my carry on luggage too. she had to closely examine all my unnecessasy jewellery, check my camera battery, empty my chewing gum, pat me down, search through my wallet, and all the other.. er .. things in my bag... yeeeeas.
finally,we were on board. dad booked tickets so james and i would have the window and the middle seat. so we went down to our seats. whoa.whoa there. old man in our seats? on closer inspection... old man was in his own seat... we were booked for the aisle and the center.... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. i went to go find mum and dad, and offered the old man an opportunity to sit on the aisle, wondering if he would be more comfortable. he politely declined. damn. so i went to see mum and dad, as people were still getting on, and they wondered if it were possibly for them to swap, as for some pathetically spoilt reason i had an unexplainable anxiety in wanting the window seat.
when we getback, the cute little man was sititng by the aisle..
him: you can have the window seat, youre lovely brother told me you really wanted it.
me: what? no?! i just? james?! oh no please please move back to your seat thats absoloutely fine.
him: i've flown thousands of times, its the least i can do to make you twolovely children happy
how sweet is that? he was from london, and james and i felt increasingly bad everytime we made him getout of his seat so we could go to the bathroom. about 2 hours in, we were cramped, uncomfortable, sick and then..james got a shocking nosebleed.
blood was gushing everywhere. and im not good with blood. not good at all. but i clenched my teeth and old friendly man called for a flighty to get us some supplies. moments later we were working collaboratively to mop up little bruuh. and then, following the instructions we were told, james and i asked to go see mutter and futter. the ladywas shockingly rude saying; "look. kiddies. people pay a lot of money to sit up the front, and im not letting children like you run around and annoy people. so no, you cannot see youre mum and dad, even if your brother has a nosebleed". i was shocked...
until old man stepped in. "excuse me, these children are polite and they havent disrupted me at all. i think its fair if they see their parents." she gavce us all a banishing look and sent us back to row 38.hmph. 4 hours later james really wanted to see mum and dad. luck was on our side and mum appeared. big confusion and a hoitytoity flight attendent. turns out.. we were promised that we could visit anytime, and that didnt happen and blah blah blah and big boss nice flight aattenednt ,man jumped in and.
muahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahha. we waved goodye to our old man friend and hlaf way through our 13 hour flight, we moved up. and you know what? we had a flatbed. so i slept. and it was amazing . i couldnt stop shmiling!
woohoo it was soooo good.
so that was great.
at the other end, i got off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan...
cool miley. your a cool girl. you dont carry cardigans.especially to LA.
every city has a smell. melbourne smells like rain and grass. singapore smells like incense and chlorine, paris smells like garbage, new zealand; well i never left the airport, but LA ..smelt like peanut butter. kid you not.
arrived at 2 in the afternoon, i was so confused as the sun was all wacko, weird in the northern hemisphere. got to hire car place... with our 5 giant bags.. and we had... a corolla.. no noo noooo.
got a uge car, its so big and large. luckily dad drives on the other side with no problem at all, on the freeway they have special lanes for people with passenegers in cars.. so you are encouraged to carpool with people in order to drive in the 'special lane'.
got to house,very amaziiing
seeing alexis tomorrow!
tired and distracted, going to eat a reece's pieces now.


hour 3.

Found a cool quiz on a blog by 2 melbourne girls, both called maisie.

What is your current obsession?
Blogging, my old camera and high heels.

What are you wearing now?
Comfortable flight travel wear. Bardot stretch jeans, country road grey slouch top, little black shoes, unneccesasry bracelets and a ring.

What is on your desk?
Photo Frames and ribbons. I'm moving!

What would you like to learn to do?
I'm not too sure. Take photos properly.

Whats for dinner?
whatever the airline serves up.

What was the last thing you bought?
a midrift-y light apricot couloured singlet with a zebra made out of sequins on the side from a little shop off church st.

Whats on your dressing table?
my big camera, frankie magazine, my wood cutting of the vine that mum broke and my sunnies.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Melbourne, Howqua or NYC... specifucally one fifth avenue wearing yellow and blue trench coats with a red flowerbox. ;)

What Languages can you speak?
English and a little chinese. And Piglatin, always piglatin.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
ive always known. first female prime minister of autralia.

If you were to pick up a pen right now, what would youwrite?
little. i like the way it loops.

If you Could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
howqua in a heartbeat.
but considering im travelling, my destination.

Something strange thatpeople dont know about you?
i really like the tv show the bill. alot.

..hour 5... still in airlounge.
watching new zealand fishing show.
they say fush a lot. hilarious.

this is what im enjoying in the airlounge right now. i dont like the girl though... shes ruining a oerfectly lovely background.

Why are there no sheep?

I am in new zealand!.. where everybody says hullo, satee, and wulcome.
This morning started with a painfully early start, me having to wrench mother away from snowy, who was giving us this unneccesasrily saddened look. sorry you can't ski, snowy.
we drove hideously annoying crewman ute to airport, and as we hit the freeway we hear a grinding and popping noise. silence descends.
james: What was that?
dad: ....
james: dad?
dad: this morning... the back broke.. so youre bags may fall out....
mum: you didnt secure them at the back?!
dad: no?!
so we had to pull into the emergency lane to fix the problem before the contents of my bag threatened to smother the oncoming traffic on the tullamarine freeway.
problem solved, headed to airport. 'uge cues.
got shuffled to 'special line'. bags put through, bags over weight. many smiles and dad shmoozing meant they didnt charge us. phew.
mum got lipsticks confiscated as she forgot to put them in special plastic bag.
as we got on the plane, james and i insticvely followed mum and dad until a literal velvet rope was snapped inbetween us, down the end we go.
james and i fought mercilessly for the window seat, but i let him have it for nz if i could get it to LA. how wins now, eh eh?! i was sitting in the middle, on my left was a lovely young man whom i had a chat with named Daab or Naab. daab/naab was from nz, visiting family for christmas in melbourne. he had a cool apple mac, which i watched him edit cubes on the photoshop feature. i showed him how to put affects on, he was very much grateful. at one point of the flight, the people in front put their seats down, we had our trays open and food on them and the seatbelt side was turned on. daab/naab was asleep and i was listening to my ipod when james decides he needs to go tothe toilet. how selfish. so i had to ask the people to put their seats up, call a flight attendent, wake daab and squeeze into my seat for my stupidly ignorant brother to go to the toilet for the 6th time that hour. .........people in nz lounge want this computer, must move to laptop..

...on latop,positioned infront of weird installation art that looks like white felt boobs...unusal.
i think im going to move into a lounge. theyhave showers,bathrooms,beds,tv,internet, food, shops,and fetta. its love.
anywaaay. mum and dad came down the back to tell us what they had for lunch in first. yes, becuyase i'd love to hear about your entree while i wrestly for my armwrestwith both james and daab. i had to sit with my arms in my lap most of the time on the plane.
im up to date on all my trash though, ihave almost the whole selection of acp publishing magazines, including famous, grazia, who, nw, ok, cleo, cosmo etc etc.
its a bloody long flight. i deserve it.
disappointingly, james and i expected to land in a soft green pasture with sheep casually strolling around the baggage carousel and gandalf greeting me at cusoms. no such luck. i shall publish some cool photos of weird felt boob art and this crazy banana bar. also, newzealanders think they can get away with renaming smarties as pebbles... how imaginative. at least smarties make them sound like they have sass.
found out someone else i know will be in breckenidge! what a small world this is!
i will update shortly , probably around our 4 or hour 5 in lounge.


Day 3 Of Packing. Still Not Done. CONTINUED

You always hear those horror stories of family holidays. Holidays where people lose luggage, drive on the incorrect sides of roads, get food poisoning, stuff up their kidneys, miss their flights, get lost in expansive international airports. This only happens to us half the time.
Because whilist my family has faults far and further between, WE ARE ACTUALLY EXCELLENT TRAVELLERS. Things rarely go wrong for us, we actually suceed at international travel. i say this now, trying to forgot the kidney stone, dengy fever and burst ovary, but on a whole, its pretty high flying and fine and dandy situations for us.
We have managed to plan an international holiday in the 2 most heavily security checked periods in the history of international travel. If you listen to the news, the crazy looking asian reporter wearing the cool silver spacesuit and the spikey hair on SBS will tell you that security measures at airports have 3 levels, ranging from low, medium, tighter then medium, average, better then average, high, very high, ULTIMATE SECURTIY CHECKS.
"ultimate security checks' is a world wide level of maximum security. To date, this has only happened twice in the world. First was in the year following the September 11 attacks. The second is now, following the attempted attack on american airspace. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? DO YOU?!
1. no one in the plane is allowed to leave their allotted cabins. this means my plans to swap halfway with mum are foiled. foiled!
2. you are not allowed to leave you seat one hour before landing, or when breaching US airspace.
3. you are not allowed to spend more then 20mins the toilet.
4. they are turning off the little flight thing where you can follow the mini plane and see where youre going. damn, i love that thing.
5. our hands must be visible at landing (?!)
6. we have to go through THREE HOURS of customs and securtity, including frisk checks... please let that not be true.

it is 11.48 and i am finally finished. we may be good at travelling but we are crap at.. leaving.
becuase not 2 hours ago, mum realised that the dog was staying with... no-one.
this called for emergency services like snowys man friends... who love snowy, and thankfully will have a small white dog wearing a bucket appear on their doorstep at 9am, whether they like it or not.
OH, WELCOME ELLEN. thankyou for being 5...!
family stood surveying the bags on the balcony. all satisifed. then dad realised.... SKI BOOTS AND SKI GEAR WILL MEAN WE GO OVER THE ALLOTTED BAGGAGE LIMIT. panic. then dad calls mary jane, our friend from the airline. mary jane assures us that mum and dad are allowed to take more. disaster averted. still fears concerning my bag.. which is the largest and most heavy. a pack and repack later an i refuse point blank to take anything out. i insist on having everything. you never know, i may appear on the slopes wearing my blue howqua goretex.
tomorrow we have a stopover in nz for 5 hours. i will be hightailing around the airport in an attempt to find maccas and consequently free wifi.
dear god, please let their not be a fat sweating man seated beside me.

Silly bucket head widdle snaaweeey.


.. is creepy.
Its a creepy chat thing where you get introduced to a stranger who usually says one of 3 things;
1. yo 2. f**k me or 3. I'll f**k you.
I'm throughly disconcerted by my peers on omegle, a view converstaion have glimpsed the following; discussing kangaroos (jack) being 'in the hood (myself) and running away from the cnversation before the stranger says anything (sarah).
sarah is saying eleanor outloud at the moment. i'm not with her , but i can tell.

Only one more day and im jetsetting off the us of aaaa.
guaranteed ill be doin' a miley and 'hopping off the plane at LAX' though im almost certain i wont have utes to jump allover and boots to scuff and girls to to have ' all around me'. and im also convinced my hair wont look nearly as.. tousled... and i wont be grinding myself all over my many, many faithful backup dancers. ah, to be miley.
.. today, dad got an email from the airline.
... to my disappoitnment, brother and i havent been upgraded.
ahh well, im sure the fat american sitting next to me on the flight over will be a great honest friend.

today, my grandomother divulged a great story to the familey about me. she told me that when i was 2, i was sitting in my car seat in our 4wd , and as we pulled up next to a truckie, i pulled my worst face and gave him the finger. three times. family was consequently horrifed and began blaming each other to whom i learnt the disgusting habits off. it was decided my mother in her small bout of unexplainable road rage when i was younger.

Today i saw the lovely bones,
zof and i loved it
it was very true to the book
but we spent half the time in a state of fear becuase its bloody gruesome and the killer is careepy.

oh yes, christmas.
got a pretty fair haul, had the day of relatives and the giant ham which, i kid you not, rolled off the plate and onto the floor, almst denting the floorboards. there was a moment of shock as everyones eyes went from the empty plate to the ham. plate. ham. plate. ham. dog. dog? dog!
ah, a narrative for us all.
so, 2 days ago, snowy is viciously attacking his legaloo.
he was scratching his leg like mad for someoe to notice and take him to the vet.
the dog has a rash, and was issued with expensive cream and ... A BUCKET HEAD.
i , of course , didnt realise, as it was early and i was still sleeping at the time
but it was like a second christmas when i came home and the dog was smashing into things becuase he had those big plastic wrap around thing on his head
omg i love it
i actually laugh myself silly, becuase he tunred the corner too sharply on the stairs and cuaght his bucket on it and you can hear the giant scrape.
so to make his discomfort worse, i stickytaped a dogs treat to the wall
and watched him attempt to reach it.
he couldnt, so i laughed and laughed.
and then mum took it off becuase i was being cruel and then the bloody thing could reach it
and today we was sniffing along in the tanbark and collecting all the tanbark and when he lifted his head up he was buried in it,,.... AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
post photo in half an hourr.. of dog with bucket


I ACUALLY LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I refuse to turn this into a fashion blog becuase they are just tooo typecast and soo passe, but i still love love love this. i expect at least a hundred thousand knockoffs within 2 months of this collection going on sale.. Its Alexander wang so i'm sure people will notice. Ahhhh but i just love it, i love the shape and the gray and the arms sooo amazing. And the model has cool hair?
WHERE I'LL BE ON TUESDAY! Hazaaaah, have already checked creepy celebrity stalker destinations and will be there, crouched in 4 foot of snow to with ratty scarf and off bagel to capture kim kardashian as she steps out of car only to disappear into a store moments later, and leaving through the back, decieving us all! Maybe that pedo that i speak so highly of will be there. .. Without doubt.
trust, mother and farshah have seats up the front of the aircraft.. darling brother and i are seated with the plebs.. attemts to be upgraded for brother and i are looking furtile with dad planning to inform staff to not let in children that match our description. Curse you comfortably flying parents.


The Eve

I AM SO SICK OF FORMATTING PHOTOS. I'm just going to have to put them in one by one..
Love this. Its Idris Solomons "Boston' and its so beautiful... seems like it should be a castle but instead its just the side of an old nondescript building.
Ahahah, family was supposed to go to the carols by candlelight but instead we took a look outside and at the miserable looking poncho wearing people and decided that we'd much rather enjoy christmas carols from the warmth of the inside of our home. It proved an excellent desicion, we considered out ungodly expensive tickets a generous donation to Vision Australia. GOY, family, GOY.


Why is it so hot...

Thats actually me in that... james and i were having a grand old time until we both realised that ive i leaned backwards we would both go tumbling 200m into the goldcoast waters. Fair effort I'd say.
I write this sitting by the pool, forcing my words out through this unconventional setting and not the stereotyical struggling writer with ratty scarf in dingy coffee shop. Thats.. ew.
Many moons ago my outdoor setting obsessed mother decided we needed a bizzarre shelter complete with waterproof furniture, a drought- hating water feature and a cooling fan. Ahh.
The wireless only just reaches out here an their is no power source and i can't find the bloody brightening button for the life of me so I have to squint at the screen...
My stupid looking sulky dog has literally just been cleaned so he resembles the little dog that bounces on the bed in shrek white and bouncy.. but hes spent a good 4 hours of his exciting life staring at a small hole in the wall and growling at it, becuase hes convinced a small and entertaining family of possums is nesting in there. ... Theyre not...
the ole blog has somewhat taken the back foot in the christmas preparations... mum is freaking out as the tree is half decorated and we havent ordered the ham yet..
yesterday i did something unusual, and went down to the beach. The beach has too much sand and the sand is hot and finds its way into everything... but still i went met z, a, and s. Bronze campers were... bronzing.. i think 'to bronze' needs to become a verb.
They're were the majority of btowns youth frolicking in the 'surf' and pretending toe dead so other 'bronzers' could drag them out and practicse those foreign moves to save lives. Very entertaining. Jack, my 2nd and 3rd friend, was among the bronzers and the first thing he asked sbout was the blog so I need to update and give my many, many screaming fans what they want.
At the beach i identified a large, smooth flat rock not a metre away, very calming until we realised it had a long tail and was moving.
S found her soulmate when she was walking alongside the road and a guy was driving past, clearly in his own place and he miaowed.. so she miaowed back.
Young People these days!
I am somewhat forlorn over my tragic inability to tan and instead skip all matter of sunglow and skip to the shade of cooked artic lobster i know only too well.
Went to the lovely Ellens' today and enjoyed myself immensly, zof got her hair wet (dammit) and didn't have proper shoes to ride the scooter with (dammit again). Found someone else who's pupils arent the same size also...?
Met Em and Zof for a half decent chai lattee this morning... didnt have money so stole from james' prized jar of cash hes using to save up for a bmx bike.
Poor zof has a potassium defiency and toxiplasmosis (???).. which i think sounds like a species of endandgered snake.
The dog has finally given up on the possum family.. only too return a few minutes later with a bone. I'm yet to work out the benefit of the bone, i didnt realise possums had such a cumbersome appetite for lamb shanks...


It IS illegal to posess cannabis in Australia..

Q1. One thing You'd Change About Yourself...
i get jealous easily.

Q2. Two Quotes That Mean Alot to You...
It always changes..
"Never Will I forget the Days i Spent with you. Forever be my friend, as you will always find me yours". - Ludwig Van Beethoven and "And I will Fight. I will fight until my bones grow weary, until my beard grows long, and until my voice grows soft. I will always fight - i will always empart the wisdom and speak my voice just as the Children deserve it. I will do whatever is in my power to be strong, and to be clever, and quick of wit, but mostly, i will always, be a friend." my dad always quotes bits of this. I wrote it in my howqs diary at the start of the year becuase dad sent the quote but i dont know who said it...
Q3. Three Good Memories...
The Last night at Howqua. It was being with the girls that mean the whole world to me and the intensity of knowing that it was the last time it would ever, ever occur. It was lying in silence listening to the songs that explained eveything but knowing that everyone was awake next you, thinking the same things. It was finally getting the book at 3am and emparting the memories to the Lucky girls of the future and realising how much I'd changed.
When i was awarded young scientist of the year.. Gay i realise, but I thought i was the smartest person in the world. I was given a cheque and a medal, and told to make a speech about how my invention was going to save the world.
Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon.. i wasn't going to write this as i cant remember why it was so good but i was 8 and i remember being so wondrous and cold and happy... it was snowing and i was wearing a red jacket and purple gloves and i was dangling my legs over the edge and wondering what is was like at the bottom.
Q4. Four things You're Obsessed With...
Club Med Bintan Island. The most beautiful place on earth. Any way that i can get there... i will.
My CamCam. Even if it has 5cm of zoom and takes 2 days to actualluy see the photos, i love it.
The song 'middle distance runner' by Sea wolf.
Chai Lattes...the best ones are from the pantry and gloria jeans on glenferrie...

Q5. Five Things You Love About Melbourne...
The weather. Where else could you have a boiling hot summer and a snowing winter. Plus its not humid, but it can be hot one day and raining the next. And the seasons are distinct enough to a) build a good wardrobe out of it and b) enjoy everything about the seasons..
TRAMS. you dont understand how much i love them. Unfortunately it takes sarah and i a good walk tram walk train train walk bus walk tram walk to get to each , but you know. I just found one near my housie wousie and do i love it? um yes. i"ve even got a handy timetable, much to the amusement of my friends.
Wide streets and it has nature strips. You'd be surprised at how many countries dont have nature strips.
Its not too big to be a huge tourist hot spot.
Its home.


We're All Mad Here...

Oh my.

It's less then one week until the happiest time of the year, according to the carols.
All I want for christmas is... a bed?
Im redoing my room and have made the well overdue and much deserved jump to the downstairs living quarters, which sees me breaking free from a joint bathroom with the charming brother, who's filth lies menacingly in every corner. I will miss that giant, giant mirror though, it truly was in a league of its own and so perfectly positioned so that you could tilt the cupboard mirror on an angle so you could see the back of your head. And they say teenage girls are vain...
But, I'm slowy builing up the room aroun me, so today i accomodated a vintage dresser and mirror. But it just wasn't enough, so i took the scissors to my dear, dear frankie and sliced and diced to achieve the desired...

Luffly. So Hopefully I'll find more materials to get that going along. So today after visiting Skism with the ever lovely Lady zof and purchasing the furniture, i set off to go meet sarah. We ending up lounging, eating and taking photos, and watched our plan to see twilight or whatever the hell the movie is crumble to pieces. Because we foolishly left our run to late and had to do the sprint of shame ( a 500m long stumble alongside the nepean highway) to reach the tram, and sure enough , it was right on time and trundled away happily delievering its passengers to locations all over melbourne.. which is all fantastic except we werent actually on the tram. we were 70m back, watching in horror as it left , sans us. So yes, we were late, we were too late to see the movie, so we ended up moping around villa and hut with sickenly sweet chai lattes and my unhealthy and somewhat embarrasing fetish for trying on high heels in shoe stores. And i did that ridiculously embarrassing thing that people should never never do.... i actually asked a lady who didnt actually work in the store to please get my size. Unsurprisngly, i didnt buy the shoes... Stoopid sarah loved it, had a bit of a gigs at my expense. On my way home i stopped in at The chape st bazaar, always a haven for nice little things that are ridiculously overpriced and sometimes arent even vintage.. i never knew supre was from the 20's... But i did actually find something really gorgeous, it was a card from the 30's that was so cute and like $3.. i will post a photo soon.

And the best bit? i was almost home when i saw that a leaf had long ago fallen into wet cement at the shape had remained...

Note to self; sleep more and try really hard to get away from family friends that are bizarre and emo and nicknamed "the dark prince"
. . .


A Saturday ;

dayuum she can take a photo...thanks sarah


This is Skism, one of favourite stores becuase everything is so preeetty and old and cheap. And that's always a good thing.
I know what i don't like about Tavi. And I know its wrong for me to bash an innocent bespectacled 13 year old but i was browsing her blog and she encouraged me to empart my wisdom.
I can't warm to her because she seems to segregate people... normal people from heel- wearing coat-rocking fashion people. And she seems to separate them to a degree that makes her seem unsaatisified with us mortals and strive to get away from the society that is schooling and weekends of sport and movies. Sweetie, thats what people do. Because to say "people dont understand me" and "i am not satisified with school" is, on reading all of her musings, an insult, an insult that maybe i can't not take personally. So sorry Tavi that we're just not good enough...?
I Will post more on my effective day and provide feedback on how it goes on the tram.. oh god.

So This Is Zof

Whilist we would have adored to use the new pet cam cam, we are impatient and felt the pressing need to instant upload.
So Enjoy the .00001 megapixels of an iphone, but the lack of sharpness is artistic, no?


So I'm multitasking like the woman that I am to simulateasuly realise Zof's modeling dream and my own, though slightly sheepish and hypocritical, ..dream? of taking photos to put on my blog to up its 'im so creative and deep' factor.
Thats what people look for these days, isnt it?
My new pet camera is large, black and zooms like a mother fucker.
Actually thats a lie, becuase its dated enough to be considered old but still rearing its photographic head at the frontrunners of old cameras, becuase low and behold, it actually has settings. My only issue is on days like tomorrow, where i might have to sit on the tram to go meet Sarah and risk the disgusted, scornful looks from the public becuase i look like a young bred pedophile with my giant camera and shifty eyes.
When realistically, the actual reason for my shifty eyes is becuase the other day i had a run in with a young man named Josh.
Now, the Josh story is one that has certaintly earned a gigs or too, though unfortunately at my expense.
So I'm catching my tram, i have my ibaby in, clearly enjoying the lyrically inspiring song that is tik tok, and a boy gets on, about our age or so.
i didnt even notice to be honest, as he was neither goodlooking nor well dressed. He was wearing runners and jeans... runners.. and jeans... makes me sick to my stomach.
so he did the good samaritan thing and validated, and sat down. and then, he clearly had little regard for social situations as he jumped up and snuggled himself down next to me.
what. do . i .do
i'll tell you what i did. i pretended not to notice, becuase i had other things to focus on, like how p.diddy feels when he wakes up each morning.
and then josh stuck his hand out and said, no yelled
josh: HI IM JOSH (offers hand)
myself:.. hello josh... im georgia (foolish, i offered up my name)
josh: hey, are you ok, are you ok, ok ok?
me: ..yes continues staring staright ahead and ignoring the disconcerting josh
josh: OH CAN I SEE THE GADGET ( reahces out to iphone)
me: ... no, sorry josh, just look
- at this stage, the whole tram is staring at us, wondering wether they should help me or just silently laugh at me. they chose the latter.).. josh starts to moan. yes, moan.
i was so stunned.
all i could do was stare at this thing on my lap
josh: so so so what school do you go to?
me:... a school in a suburb
josh: what school?
me: a girls school
josh: what school?
me: a school with blue uniforms...
josh: are you ok ok ok?
me: hey sorry josh, this is my stop. (it wasn't).

so i got off the tram. call me cruel but it was terrifying. terrifying!

so i wonder how it will go tomorrow, and hopefully i dont see my pal josh.


welcome jack, welcome zof

to my hundreds of thousands of fans; whom already have their "i love georgia" tshirts mailed to them, just a brief interlude to quickly acknowledge jack and zof..(s00n im hoping?)

zof i've known for 3 years and i still love her, always will, she never fails to impress me on how shoes will always and can always be the right size for her becuase they are too gorgoeus to not be hers. and she taught me how to actually walk in heels and straighten my hair and how to wear high white socks without stretching the elastic too much. may all our chai lattes taste like twigs, and i have a hundred photos of us in year sevs looking 2coolfoskool that are the most hideously ugly but best memories i have..
..and jack.. because i have never met a wittier male and i am truly thankful that was my second friend and that we will always share a joint and hearty enthusiasm at australias deceptive road signs and teaching zof about the all important things in life, like AFL. and i will be always appreciative for jacks wise, wise 'KEENLY WITTED' feedback on the (and i quote) 'fucked up society we live in'. jack, i think you should write in my blog when i lose interest.

and we both need to go to bed now, dont we jack, so i'm going to post this and then have a gigs in fb chat.

move on with your lives, citizens, nothing to see here

My Today.

Today, i left the realm of sandy blonde to return to my roots (quite literally so) and become brunette again.
I've come to the 'convuluted' conclusion that hairdressers are potentially ego shattering, becuase after 2 and a half hours of staring myself down in the mirror i've noticed my every flaw, and had to shuffle out of the hairdresser and consider taking down every mirror in the house.
I also met witb a girlfriend for coffee, and i had my current obsession, a chai latte.
... It tasted like twigs. Like little sticks that you step on, not once considering their flavour until you sip it out of a foamy rimmed coffee cup.

Anyway, And Typical Melbourne but on a show with the most wardrobe destructive and alternative weather you could imagine, with it being almost 40 degrees yesterday and a wintery 21 and raining today.

Actaully, bit of a rofs, but yesterday i was on church st, standing in my local newsagent with a frankie in my hands, ready to buy when just like in the movies, i heard the 'zeezoop-zoop-zewwwwwwwwwwwww' of the power going out. and suddenly, me and the other friendly patrons were left in the dark. so we had a bit of a rofl.. especially when someone (that clearly didnt work in the store) said "free mags for everyone!"
to which we all cheered; "hazaaah!"
and we were all tittering at our fun u ntil the manager said "no, no, you may not have any free magazines".
damn, but we got close.

heres a conversation that made me smile of late;
Georgia: just havin' a gigs
sarah: LOL a gigs?
georgia: you havin' a gigs too?
sarah: about what?
georgia: just a general gigs
sarah: im having a gigs about you having a gigs
..and the fact that you said gigs
...LOL a general gigs having a general gigs
.. thats going on my blog.

so please, have a gigs.


Speak No Evil...

My bestfriend Sarah is an erratic but amazing photographer.

This is me as part of her See No Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear No Evil Collection.
Yes, Collection.


These are the highlights of my events today.
listed with photos, becuase i know how much everyone loves photos.


i Love Chadstone. i never used to be a fan, but its so big and clean and bright and airy and large. the only way i think it could be better is if they had some kind of an open tram thing where you could just jump on an off. then you could rest and be given a scenic tour of the shops. sigh. that place has everything.

2. The Amazing Race

the Most intense show i've heard.. ever.

i Love the way he couples get angry at one another becuase they cant read a map to save themselves. rofl.

..and when they steal each others cabs and offer the driver more money..ppppriceless.

3. this vintage-y fabric.
i luf it.
4. Lollies. I so prefer delicious suugary gelatin to creamy chocloate. chocolate makes me thirsty.
i'm going to do some more blog stalking now and edit this when i have something worthwhile to share with y'all.

And It's These Things I Love..

I have wanted these shoes for so long.
They are simply beautiful.

How good does this model look!?
I love her shoes and her dress. She just looks so damn good.

Holga style photography.
Sarah i thought maybe you would enjoy this also.
Its a style of photography that makes everything look either summery or wintery... take your pick.?
Also, they look so happy!
Look at their smiling faces!
i saw this photo of like, 6 angels wearing matching leather jackets. how. amazing.


Why i have appaling self control.

sweet jezuz.

all righty ho.
Im watching channel V at the current moment.
and the thought just came across me, if i was to, say, ever ditch my expensive private schooling and all my class and talent to the curb and become a singer, i would not make a video featuring myself class in a small sailors outfit grinding against poorly paid back up dancers.
but britney looks really good with her hair straigtened.
you know i've always thought that when the revolution comes, the fashion industry will be first against the wall. Speaking in relation to the French Revolution in the 17th century, where aristocrats were forced "against the wall" and then shot.
Because i can never understand who actually buys the clothes in fashion shows and whatnot. Truth is, LAdy Gaga purchasing one outfit from each collection is probably enough to keep the designers afloat for a fair long while.

I was trying to be healthy today, and i was doing a stirling effort until i was hunted down by harris scarfe employees handing out freebies in a shopping centre today. Myself and the lady next to me were ambushed today going up an escalator, and the HS employees were lying in wait, probably thinking about how embarassing they looked in their silly green tshirts and matching sanata hats. so in my 3o secs until i reached the top of the escalotor i had time to think to myself were on earth one would find green santa hats...probably harris scarfe. anyway, they handed the lady next to me a packet of salad dressing. i shit you not. she looked thourougly disapointed, as the ladies then gave me a lindt ball. and yes, it was the red kind. which everybody knows is the best kind. and it was hot outside, and i felt sorry for the ladies in the green, so i had to eat it. so that just goes to show how apalling i am witgh self control.
omg. what a boring blog.
i may go die now.

I'm struggling with the concept of popular blog...

Today, my brother, who is infact a Llama, ate a large, exotic melon.

.. this seems to be the only way to attract attention on ones blog.
Becuase whilist i was scrolling through blogs, i simply couldnt find one that i wanted to read. Theres too much gardening, too much suicide, too much 'save the earth', too much emo, and too much try hard deep and meaningful.
And i noticed, that the only thing that truly struck me as an interetsing blog to read was the ones with a first line that caught the readers attention immediately. so that is what i will attempt to do, catch the readers attention, even if the only person that actually reads this is Sarah or the unwarranted pedophile we discussed earlier.
to myself;
- i have a brother, and a dog. notice there in the same catorgory?
- the other day, my dog was attached to a car that ended up driving off. hes ok, though, much to my disappointment, as i find him annoying and he doesnt really like me.
- i love politics.
- i hate the beach, but i occasionally find myself there.
- i wear socks in the shower. ok thats a lie.
- i went to boarding school
- i have a bestfriend named sarah. she suffers a rare disease that causes her to occasionally squat on the ground and moan for a good 30 mins.
- that also, was a lie.
- i hate to run. i have narrowed down the only occasions to me ever runnign again as ; for the tram, for a huge sale or in the face of danger. that is all.
- i hate art. probably becuase i cant do it, but that still qualifies me to hate it.
- i love public speaking, though i know that more people in the world fear public speaking then death
- ive grown tired of this list.

*this is purely for my own benefit, as i cant follow at present.
- "marvelousmaggie"
- " a charming little place to bitch"
are among my favourite blogs.

So I've heard these make you famous...

Blogs make you famous.
well at least thats what they say.
well, at least thats what my friend sarah says.
so lets start on sarah for a bit.
Sarah has been looking at blogs for a while now. She really just enjoys looking at the photos, and shes not really a fan of tavi.then again who really is, becuase shes a 13 year old thats crashed her grandmothers wardrobe and consequently got Vogue wrapped around her finger. which is where she loses me. Becuase call me crazy, and being a teenage girl (but older then Tavi, rest assured), but i can't help but feel a little pissed that she can dive into an old persons wardrobe and be famous in a heartbeat.
but hey, maybe i'm a little jealous.
so this is my first entry, i really hope the people that read this have a larger mental capacity then the creepy pedophile that will undoubtedly read this...Shouldn't you be in Jail?