Hermes! I love thiiss! I adored this so much when I saw it so now this is my favourite way to do my hair. If only I was using Hermes scarves and not $4 I bought secondhand. ( I will not succomb to say 'vintage'). I am so pleased now I finally Have a scanner, this is the back of Haarpers Bazaar USA. I love wearing my hair like this as its a) colourful and b) out of my face and c) interesting.
I tie the scarf around my head, knot it at the back of my head and then gather all my hair into one and use the other 2 ends of the scarf to wrap it in a plait.
My 'vintage' ( read: secondhand) scarf wrapt through a plait. New sunnies ( called THE RISKY SUNNIES') which are like rayban style and black with writing over them.
My white little top? Bardot shorts, tan belt, stole mums country road black bag, roman sandals. I HAVE NEVER LIKED GLADIATORS. EVER. The big turquoise ring is my current fave and the other ring which you can bareeeely see is an owl head.
I get paid on Thursday!!!!
Really enjoying Keithys now, the till and i have come to a mutual agreement to not embarrass me in front of customers or Oi Lan.
I orginally didnt have to go to school tomorrow but I am a peer support leader so i have to go and nuture and guide year sivins.


This is the cut-up and hastily pasted with poor quality glue collage I made from the wonderous magazines I hoarded like a little squirrel from the USA. I think I prefer American publications to Australian ones, and I'm trying to work out why..
Ooh. Serena is looking her manly self on the TV. Why is the tennis on so late?
Right. Yes.
America's magazines are just better and have nicer stuff and I loved putting this together and its the first one I've churned out that works co-hesively.
  • The Girl in the red and white jumper with her galpals is Alexander wang S/S 2010. How I love you.
  • The speedy looking lady on the left in the denim shirts and dark shades is Chloe Sevigny.
  • The shoebabies in the top right corner are Balenciaga.
  • The lady in the yellow is a Dries van Noten model
  • The black studed shoes at the bottom are on britney spears' foot, and are Louboutins.
  • The Model with the fawn brown skirt and white shirt is Celine.
  • the football is an Alexander wang clutch ( i hate that word)
  • the blush coloured shoes in the middle are FENDI
  • There is one singular photo of Chanel Iman and her model pal.
  • I have snuck in my favourite all denim chloe look. muahahah.
  • The brown bag right at the top is 3.1 Phillip Lim.
  • There is a horse brooch right next to it.
  • My eyes hurt. No more. if you have trained your leetle eye to notice things you want to know about, ask me , i need no reference as a) i forgot to pack other things on my flight to Auckland and all i had was this to study and b) if only my photographic memory could snap useful things and not be able to recognise britney spears' ankle.


I'm in Miami bitch..?

I do not even want to remember what I was you-tubing when I found this.
I think it began along the lines of searching "Kardashians' which found "Khloe and Kourtney take Miami" and then "Miami bitch' and then this video.
It is so bizarly funny that I couldnt not watch it.
The description calls it "sexy" but I truly struggle to understand how this could even remotely be percieved as.. sexy..
Watch it, go on. No one ever watches videos on blogs but if you have enough oomph left in your broadband then watch it. I wonder if your expression is the same as mine..?

And now I have a scanner!

In more ways that I anticipate, I am like Harry Potter. I have a cupboard under the stairs, where i harbour hundreds of small infants. Babies. Shoes. Ok so I dont live in the cupboard. But my wardrobe does. And behind my clothes, is 2 boxes, dusty and deprecating, waiting poetically (how lame) for me to come and paw over their contents. And i kid you not, i actually found 2 albums labeled 'unseen wedding photos'. so naturally i tore through them and found this photo.

No one will appreciate this, i realise, but , ok whos read the lovely bones?

you know right before susie dies and she takes that photo of her mum on the balcony looking very un-mum and more like a normal person?

I try to imagine that.

chai chai

Lookbook, how i adore stalking your thousands of photos and wished i lived in a snowy climate. this girl looks cold, i want to offer her a nice hot drink and jumper. but that would ruin her outfit, and she probably lives in ibiza, so i wont.
Idris soloman takes such pretty photos.
This girl looks like a puddy tat. i would hate to be driving a car with that scarf as it looks like she cannot turn her head but i love everything else.


I am a working gal.

I actually hate use of the word 'gal' but find it appropriate in this sense.
I work at Keiths' Cakes and i believe that they make the best goddamn caramel slice and gingerbread men in the world.
I got lucky when applying at Keiths, nice lady Linda called me the very same day and we organised my first day of work. Which was this Wednesday. And so much harder then you can imagine.
So i imagine most people are familiar with keiths. its right in the middle of churchy, and has been so for years and years. yes its my first working job. and very, very hard work.
i pride myself in being painfully honest on this blog, which i why i will divulge that on my second day i ended up in a gutter behind la porchettas wondering if the till was a machine created purely for the tortorous amusement of waiting customers and my boss. it hates me, it truly hates me. There is no pie chart in the shop, and there are over 12 varities of pie. there are only prices on some things. they reprice drinks every day. they have an employment with 3 fingers. even he folds boxes faster then i do. but i shall persevere, ignore oi lans "you put tongs wrong way. you make customer sad. you leave fridge open. you put money wrong way'.
i will KEEP GOING and hopefully it will improve.
if you are a stalker, please ignore this post.


This is my favourite photo from the entire weekend. I went to Jamieson, as per usual ( i originally wanted to say 'usz' short for usual but decided it sounded weird..). Went with tallperson george and zofia came too. Also in tow was said tallpersons fam and janine (babe?) and co. 5 adults, 3 teens, 3 little persons, 1 dog, 7 cars(?), 1 boat, 2 motorbikes and 23 brownies.
IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! this photo is laughable for 3 reasons, 1. George is reading a gossip magazine and getting into it, 2. i was literally inhaling the doritos seen in the bottom frame, and 3. zof was... i dont know what the fuck she was doing. i think shes mid shufflestep and i definitely recall the song being either miami bitch or tik tok. oh no, it was definitely tik tok.
Up on the wall in the background is the infinite amount of letters written by all the people that have come up to the holiday house, including a letter titled "THANKYOU FOR LETTING US CRASH AT YOUR PAD KAYS!!' from eliza, issy, annie, connor, jess, sarah, liv and whomever else came along that fateful day we decieved old gravy chips and snuck away from community service at jamieson to break into the holiday house whilist in howqua days.
The weekend was so much fun; i wont go into detail but my highlights were these;
1. George's monster sulk circa hour 3 day 1.
2. THE WATERMELON STICKS. james, harry, and christian remarkably sourced 2 bamboo looking sticks THAT ACTUALLY SMELT LIKE WATERMELON.
3. when janine cornered and questioned me about her singing.
4. hiding in the boat.
5. THE JASON MRAZ HAT that george owned. how we love that hat.
6. the discovery of a car that was nearly dead and was covered in beer cans and graffiti and called THE MILF HUNTER. it was travlleing at 5 km and was full of drunk young men.
7. when a ute nearly crashed as it was stalking zof along main street.
8. going to running creek and spending 10 minutes harmoniusly co-inciding with other river going patrons, before realising that we actually new them. ie. "excuse me to i know you?" "BRETT!", "ROB!".
9. a nice old man leant us some canoes. i was asleep in a canoe sitting on the grass. the old man dragged it off and pushed it in the water.
10. the discovery of a character called KNACKERS, whom zof, dad i crafted a lively story for.
12. when zof ate a spoon of vegemite, when i had to dance a stunning rendition of britney spears' 'you drive me crazy' to all the parents.
13. straightening georges hair and his jew curls.
14. going to jades' mad party.
15. zof smashing bottles of beers open on the back of a ute. class act.
16. my epic fail on the kneeboard when we went out on the lake. been kneeboarding for years, thought i'd be cool, get a lot of speed up, was attempting my huge array of tricksss (thats a lie. i know 2.) and decided i'd shoot of the wake so fast that i would get enough air and enough time to pull the handle around my body to have done some form of a 360 before i hit the water. i got into a 180. and that is all. i hit the water so hard i gave myself a blood nose and was woozy for the next hour. someone filmed it. i cant watch.
19. sneaking into howqua..

I hate it how my party can't start until ke$ha walks in..

this is one of my new charms on the bracelets!
the leaf charm.. how exotic
i pulled both leaf charms off a necklace i'd bought when i was 10, and they look really good as they dangle heaps.
i have to pack for JAMIESON now so i shall return in due course.
i hate tavis hair.
thought id put that one out there.
all i have done is teased the dog and drank 4 glasses of water to rehydrate.
yesterday, I GOT A JOB!
I'm so tremendously excited!
the night before last night i decided to just sit the fuck down and write my resume and cover letter, and with the help of a mother that got a degree in resume writing it was hardly a struggle. thankgod for babysitting for i would have no previous work experience. So the next day, i dressed nicely and set out with my babyblue manila folder down church st. Went to Bakers, dropped off resume, went to Seed. Seed were very interested in me, they wanted to know which days i worked, but we could progress no further as the manager was out sourcing little people clothes. Went to bookstores, went to brumbys. The nice guy reggie at Brumbys said the owner had only said to accept the bes resumes and i was very chuffed when he said my resume was stirling and would i like a chat with the store manger when they return. i said yes, but the store manager was a fair few days away holidaying. Went ton Brighton Central toys, manager out, dropped of resume. Went into keiths Cakes, and it was so full. I asked to see someone about inquiring into job, and the really nice young lady was like, 'well, thats me!'
she took my resume and said i would be perfect , as they had needed someone to work for them on saturdays. she said i seemed like an excellent candidate and i dropped off my resumes as at a few more places, mostly kids stores, and the newsagent etc, and went out to see sophie, who had been kidnapped by her famdogga and was spending far too long in goanna. pronouced joanna. then , much to my surprise, i got a call! keiths! the wanted me to work for them!
not wanting to jump immediately, i went back to seed, the next most interested candidate and asked some more about the job. They wanted me to work, but the manager wasnt in so i walked across the road and took the Job at keiths cakes on church st brighton.
the job is 7-3 on a saturday, which is so good as i have all afternooon, and the crowd in their is really young and its always busy so i'm very excited. I start immediately, Linda is training me on Wednesday and I'll probably work all week (she said i could come in whenever) until school goes back. I am actually over the moon and so happy everything happened so quickly.
and the uniform is pretty damn cool. at least i dont have to wear checkered 3/4 brumbys pants! (ELLEN, SARAH!)
Come Visit me!!
should pack for jamo now. Going with Lady Zofia and georgey boy.


i look like a gangly snake.

i look like a gangly snake. yes. i am acknowedgly gay. but this is my blogbaby. i am always honest on my blogbaby.
Today i quizzed mum on dads elusive screenplay "Brad".
1. Brad is not any kind of alias for my dad. He is just coincedenally named with the same initial of my dads name. Nor in any parallel universe would my dads life mirror that of brads.
2. "Brad' is about a man called brad and is set in Mt Eliza.
3. Mum refused to tell me any more of the plotline.
4. Dad wrote "brad" 12 years ago, and wanted hugley to turn it in to a feature film. This didnt happen because he didnt have the time nor money to make a feature film. I was a lil tyke and james was born.
5. "brad" was shelved, but dad has always wanted to turn it into a film, and according to mum, still does.
6. dad is at work. "brad" is at work.
when dad comes home i will interrogate him about brad.
and then i will force him to get the script so i can read it.

Maamaa's birthday.

Last night Sarah, Steph and i watched around 13 episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I want a family like them. i want sisters like kim khloe and kourtney. they are so funny. Go watch it, Keeping up with the kardashians is now the most watched television series on E! in the United States. it has approx 1.6 million watchers per episode and no wonder becuase that family is actually hilarious. Khloe and Kourtney take miami is excellent also. Actually i find it better then KUWTHK.
clearly i am incompetent and inable to type the extended versions late at night.

Sarah and i were woken this morning by none other then a neglected and needy white dog. i dragged him under the doona and we all slept for another 3 hours.
Woke up a second time around 11.
Sarah left.
no present.
called dad.
have no means of transportation.
did the unthinkable. ride my bike.
i hate riding my bike. 1. it gives me helemt hair. and 2. its gay.
i have had to ride it twice this week, first in my desparation to solve an impending james crisisby dashing to safeway to buy chocolate chips and pancake mix and also to pick up curtains. had to ride home draped in black and white curtains. as i puffed up the last hill home i realised i hadnt felt this puffed since.... howqua.
was momentarily proud i was puffed, then mortified that i hadnt done enough physical exercise to get me puffing since howqua, and i havent been at howqua for about 2 months.
the second time ws this morning. mum needed a present. i needed to put my freshly blowdried hair aside and get over my image to get on the freaking bike and heroically save mums birthday on behalf of james and i. so i did.
half way there, i had chosen THE WRONG HANDBAG becuase it kept slipping off my shoulder and grinding ferociously against the wheel. scary stuff when you are flying at 100 miles per hour and praying you dont know every single person that drives past you.
Got to church st. I had an idea cooking.
Part of this idea was related to mums present and the other was related to how i can discreetly ditch my bike i pretend i wasnt the retard that actually had to cycle to get places. all this required was me securing my bike at a point near the top of churchy.
all this meant was me crossing the train tracks un-noticed.
moment of truth. my bike is a roadbike, ROADBIKE, as in, lacking extensively in suspension.
i slowed down too much crossing the tracks. causing me to periously stop in the middle, and my seat was too high and i stumbled off.
and i hear laughter.
it is george and friends. recover with phenomal speed and pick up my dignity. literally.
have brief chat, reminded that am spending 4 days in his company, and i am off like a rocket, literally heaving my bike into the nearest alley. i hope it gets stolen.
my idea is to go visit my friend in the camera store. i love that guy. probably becuase i make him a fortune as i print so many photos. but he always does them quickly.
i buy a 3-photo frame.. FOR 50 DOLLARS
and print of a photo all from the holiday, of mum and dad, all of us , and james and i.
i had to wait 10mins for the photos so i buy a v and go stalk the prada bags in pizazz.
and then i go and stalk the bracelets in wrapt. they are so expensive and ridiculous. hmph.
great. awesome. so now i have to carry a huge frame home.
i also went to the opshop up the top.
where i found a pair of calvin klein jeans which i bought 3dollars. i think they are from the eighties, the style indicates so. they are a light wash and high wasted and a straight leg and they are so funny to wear. hehehe. i intend to cut them into shorts as they're perfect for that but im having so much fun dressing up as an eighties child and stalking my parents offcut wedding photos that i shall keep them in their wholesome state for a leetle bit longer.
Anyway. Blah blah blah, battled with dishwasher attempting to force it shut, had riveting conversation as i straightened my hair to the dog, went out to dinner with anita and co to celebrate mums birthday.
My present was trumped when dad told her he got her tickets to italy. James tried to convince mum that (ours, but mostly mine) presnt was all his idea and his doing and therefore he should take credit, becuase i am compl,etely broke and was forced to steal $100 from his im-saving-for-a-bike money jar. he'll never know its gone.
and i found out thisss little piece of unknown.
already known to me, before dad started signing things and drinking coffee he actually used to direct ads, and he a great aesthic eye for deciding who should stand where and who should say what, and he occasionally still writes the odd 30 sec clip and leaves his snug comfort of signing things and drinking coffee to direct an ad. But what i had no prfound idea of was that my dad has written a movie script. i actually didnt find this too laughable, i was just fucking intrigued that I NEVER KNEW. he wrote it 10 years ago, when he was planning on doing somethign with film, and he wishes it were better. im not sure if he stills writing it, but i know its called brad, and is about a character called brad. .. makes sense. its not a comedy and this is all i know but i will interrogate both mum and dad in the morning.
fascinating stuff.
found hidden in my almost walk in robe is my parents unknown and not the official wedding albums. i wish my mum had kept her dress.
the dog is miaowing.


I am so obsessed with the Kardashians

I love the kardashians. Like so Much. Which is why i write this watching my seventh episode for the afternoon with zof. We have already consumed a packet CC'S and all the worthwhile chocolates out of the favourite box. And i am making bracelets. Buy them.
So i'm actually watching Khloe and Kourtney take Miami, which is still really funny as you dont have all the extra un-neccessary drama from bruce and his plastic face etc. You know, the add on kardashians. And Kim is still in it, and Kim is my favourite, and definitely the best looking. I loooove Kim. I am simply addicted to the Kardashians. Which is why Zof and I have also found ourselves on the kardashian website. We just took a quiz, Which kardashian are you. hehehe.
Zof is kim, i am still in progress.
The questions are hilarious.
Staying with lady zeee tonight, having golden globes party with pbear and neighbour stef tomorrow. And in the meantime, you know that i will be im 3m radius of the television. Becuase there is Kardashian sesh of back to back episodes.

A crazy post.

Sarah and I are taking it in turns to write about Friday of january 15th.
She wrote the first half. You can see it here.

...Walking along the dodgy end of chapel st, the varied and frightening characters of chapel st revealed themselves. walking northbound, a man approached. A fat man. A homeless fat man. A homeless fat man pushing a trolley. He said "hello girls, girls, can i have.."
we fast walked away. far away.
we made it to the vintage bazaar, but not before i got sidetracked by shoe stores.
Entered bazaar, calculating mental plans of attack, along the lines of scarves, sunnies, bags.... OHH TEACUPS. Omg the teacups. Were so small. so petit. so round. Sarah loved the round.
she loved the small. she just loved the combination of small and round. But she doesnt like mice.
Whilist sifting through scarves and fearing an immenint attack from the scary lady who has the scarve stall, we heard yelling.
The yelling was being caused by the store manager.
and he was saying,.....

go to sarahs.

i am tired.
i sound like shit,
i am distracted
and therefore my calibre of writing is shit.

..just watched ghost with demi moore and patrick swayze. cried. what a sad movie.
i want a guy like same. love sam.
plan to sell tomorrow.
need profits.
and charms.


Today Sarah and i Sold our cream bracelet. yes, they are in demand.. in demand..
Bought more beads today, this time a glass variety, designed to compliment the wooden beads. Good thinking no?
I am in a ceebs mood.
I ceebs updating my blog with something worthwhile, all the photos i take are shit and cleos articles are too long.
Fine. Hate me.
I will go make more bracelets now.

...i will write about chapel st soon.
When i eat. And solve unexplained and hopefully not menstrual back pain.

if you want to see cool melbourne people doing their cool thing wearing cool clothes in a cool place go here.



Attention all Cool teenagers,baysiders,...firbank girls, frequent visitors of markets and lovers of all things unique and cheap.
Modern day lesson:
Buy local. K-rudd encourages you too, and this way, your saving yourself money.
Guys, you know wrapt on church st, how it sells those bracelets with the charms made by kat dennings? and they sell them for 25$ FOR ONE BRACELET and $90 for a set of 6?
Theyre goregous, yeah, but.. very expensive.
WELL. The combined efforts of my materials and desparate need for money has and sarahs effectively steady hand and marketing skills have given us the combination of making the bracelets, that i swear, we compared, are exactly the same. I even use the same wooden beads. (dont tell the original designer..) So were making jewellery.
There are heaps more colours to come, and many charm variations that you can choose. We have selections of fish, giraffes, eiffel towers, religious pendants (they're cool though i swear), silohettes, horses, turtles, crowns and x's... and were getting many more tomorrow.
They cost $7.00. sivin!
Or, you can pick your colour bead, and we'll make the bracelet for $6, and you can choose how many charms you'd like for $1 a charm. I'm beginning to go with hungry jacks on this one... 'now thats good value".
Moral of the story... Comment the blog and exress an interest (how professional) and you can have one. Or, annoy me on facebook until i realise (or sarah.. shes much better to annoy). Or, if you are interested in making a small amount of money yourself, you can be a seller.. and just, you know, sell them to all your friends and generally spread the word.

Featured in photo: navy blue beads, clear 'x' charm and fish charm, $7.50
Brown beads, religious 'madonna' charm, turtle, $7.50
Cream beads, eiffel tower charm, $7.00

sarah sarah sarah

a later edit:
sarah and i were just discussing friendship.
she said she wanted 8 friends. 4 boys and 4 girls.
i asked her why.
she said "becuase 4 can fit in each car when we go on our roadtrip, duh."
what logic.


Why is my dog retarded

Pravda.. russian for intergrity.


yeaah boii.
one month and 49 posts later and still going strong.
tell me you love it.

If i were a barbie...

hehehehe tiny shoes. How.. quaint. Theres a crazy woman that makes the shoes. Yes. She creates barbie shoes to assemble and photograph. Rumour has it that she lives with 43 cats and refers to herself as 'vavoom velda'. That'll be the day.



before you think youve read this.. notice that ive ranted a third and final time.
i cant process writing about overseas, will do so when i return to the land of the living.
but in the meantime...
I'm a leeeeetle bit of a hypocrite, because i love clothes, i love fashion, (god, how vaccuos!) but i hate the industry. I hate that millions of dollars fund an industry that contributes so little to erveyones personal society. The same could be said for the impersonal relationship with the stock market, as my day to day life does not revolves around the mini heart attack i experience, palms sweating as i fear the familiar charms and Sandy Bender the newsreader telling us how the angus cattle stock or cadbury shares are pla-ma-ting.
When the revolution comes, they will be first against the wall.
I know of used this many many times, but its the plain and simple truth. whos with me! eh?...
In simpler terms, imagine it like the derogatory games we used to play in health when we were given a lifesaving boat, a selcetion of 10 people, but only 6 allowed on the boat. Consider our options a doctor, a lawer, a policeman, a model, a fashion designer, a chef, dentist, a scholar, a scientist and a musician.
Who would be the first to go?
The Model.
Then? The fashion designer.
If i had my way, which i involuntarily do... The next person would be the musician, but thats more my personal vendetta against my substantial lack of musical talent.
But, the object stands. The model, and the fashion designer, both of which represent a trade that is luxurious and, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, ... vacuous and unneccesary.
First against the wall. this is referring to the act where aristocrats were forced literally against a wall and shot by the peasants.
i relate this back to the 17th century french revolution (you know, marie antoinettes head went boing boing spleauch, along with, say, a hundred other aristocrats of the time). It was the french people making a momentous desicion about what was neccessary and essiantial for the time of living, and clearly, aristocrats didnt cut it.
In summation, we should all continue to ride the train that is hypocrisy about the fashion industry, we may apprectaie it, but not get too involved. I think a career in fashion is unwise, becuase when the time comes... first against the wall, ladies and gentlemen, first against the wall.

In Addition...getting back on the fashion hypocrit train again, i have found the ultimatum,
you know what? IF TAVI SAW THIS SHE WOULDNT ANSWER. noy literally answer, but as in, shed immediately typecast me as someone who "just doesnt understand the feeling when she sees new season pradas". WELL HERES THE QUESTION FOR YOU TAVI. MAYBE I DONT CARE. actually i like prada, lets change to dolce and gabbana. NOT EVERYONE CARES YOU SELF CENTRED HAT WEARING ADOLESCENT. too far? prehaps. hey, maybe i'll become famous, or infamous, as the girl who challenged tavi. so, ive heard bashing tavi makes you famous.
But dont despair, there is an alternative.
jane aldridge from sea of shoes. shes a respectively older teen, who smiles, wears intertesting things and most importantly, has an additional, non fashion oriented life. but this doesnt mean shes any less glamouros. among her followers are kanye west and anna wintour, and shes collaborating with shoe deisgners to create shoes and trenchcoats. She works with her mum, has an amazing sense of style and genuinely connects with followers, not on a superficial tavi way, like how tavi writes for inportant to read, not for us plebs. shes genuinely interesting and i love love love her angora red jumper and her grey cut of shirt.

A HABIT I NEED TO FUEL BY WRITING ABOUT WHAT INTERESTS ME. and today, its this, tomorrow it will probably concern the sri lankan refugees or walmart. you know, either or.

And When you thought it was over.. MUAHAHAH IT ISNT
I've been told to stay away from tavi. i shant.
But.. my next topic of discussion is;
It goes either way, as soon as someone hears about fur. You either are opposed to it, or in support. So which way do i go?
pro fur. Did you expect that?
Well i am. I'm in Support.
But I haven't always been, or more specifically, i havent always cared. All i really new and cared about fur was that i know there are activists against it and khloe kardashian posed naked for peta and that was a big deal as shes sort of fat. Fur in australia also isnt important becuase we dont have a very rich wealthy history nor does it get cold enough, and kangaroo fur coats would be, well, gross.
But when i got to americas skifields, fur was huge. And as we were walking through vail, we went in a fur store, selling coats etc. I was amazed at the texture, the colours, the feeling, the warmth. But still unsure, and was unaware of my parents thoughts, too. Getting back to the appartment, i went on a fur hunt. I found in my suitcase: a fur lined collar of a prada bomber jacket, a leather jacket, and leather soles of shoes. In mums i found leather gloves with fur on the cuff, a minx throw thing, a leather jacket and leather shoes. dads i ceebed looking in.
And on thinking of the matter;
i came to this.
Fur is good.
It is an excellent use of the animals coat. Animals are, at the end of the day,... for use of human desposal ( i sound like an earth hating freak... just wait until i start on "global warming" - also bullshit).
Its a natural warm material
It is farmed eco friendly in some aspects, as it doesnt require water to produce or chemicals to cure.
It is a craft to create fur jackets. fur products arent pumped out in a fatcory, they are crafted and stiched by professional craftsmen. imagine getting a degree in fur coat making. handy.
Each one is individual, though fur is similiar in widdle bunnies and fox's etc, its impossible to duplicate.
In the 'old days', it was a sign of wealth and opulence. This doesnt make it good, i just thought i'd add it. plus it looks, you know, healthy...(?! ...bad adjective)
I am, although, opposed to the incorrect farming of fur. Just dont rip the poor sods eyes out and im good with it.
And... people that say they hate fur, probably wear leather. and thats shooting yourself in the foot you dickheads. do they honestly check their shoes to make sure the sole isnt leather?
so.. i think about that sex and the city episode where samantha is wearing a fur coat and the peta activivists throw red paint at it. And i think; "well, you just ruined a perfectly lovely coat".
So there.



This is the house michael jackson DIED in. In bel aire. Fresh prince much?

this was like, the most exciting exeperience for me. this is tom cruises' house. AND I SAW THE WINDOW SECOND FROM THE RIGHT. THAT ONE TINY WINDOW. AND I SWEAR TOM CRUISE WAS WAVING FROM BEHIND IT.
this is greytone manor, the set of xmen, ghostbusters, austin powers, charlies angels, spiderman 3, holiday, rushman, batman and robin, the phantom, dead ringer, jane austens mafia etc