whadup muffin


1. two weeks
2. 14 days
3. are yo checkin' out ma ass?
4. cork trees are exticnt. what will we plug wine with? :O
5. :) ;) :( :'( :P :O :@ :S
6. sneakiness can be redeemed through buying generous gifts ie. a hairdryer
7. "RUN!" "RUN?"... "RUN!!"
8. ladyzee and I saw some roadrage.. a man got his foot run over and he punched the window.
9. I am only $90 off my goal
10. zoe's hair will be forever straight
11. fionn regan is amazing
12. two weeks
13. you're still grounded
14. cheer up kiddo
15. whadup jordanna? you're a babe
16. glee is a really, really good show
17. lyrics are the best part of a the song
18. I haven't had a good chai in so long
19. I think you're actually really funny....
20. winks make anything sexual
21. I don't travel without a ticket
22. yeah, we did go out of our way to sit and eat maccas. and then we got hungry again, so we bought some more. " guys, we'll probably still be here in 25 years..."
23. &&&&&&&
24. i know you can't stop thinking about him.. BUY THAT SKIRT
25. i see you everywhere...
26. two weeks
27. i want you.
28. heh
29. heh
30. heh

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