come out of the cave walking on your hands

hey little lady
as I was reclining lazily in science the other day i was talking about blogs;
and the interesting discussion came to light about the aims and purposes of blogging.
and it made me agree to a sense,
because the purpose of my blog ( thats a lie, it has no purpose. i just had a long day indoors and a period of deeply shameful creative energy, probs premenstrual)
was not to be a different me;
was not to be a journal;
was not to be a place where i could release
because that can be dangerous, and that can be abused so easily, and thats frightening.
Becuase, as it was put, I would never want to reach a stage where I used my blog to hide behind.
Its a literal way to share things, and thats refreshing, and i have an appreciation for that.
What ends up on here I will share you, anytime, anywhere, anyone.
Goodnight chillren'

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