doin' a bradbury

This is steven Bradbury. He competed in 1992, 1994, 1998, and 2002 winter olympics. He was a speed skater. AND A LEGEND! He is, the definition, of default. AND THE CUTEST PERSON EVER! There is a story to bradbury, one that will forever characterize Australia and bring us a common saying; " doin' a bradbury". And it started back in 1994.. (harp)..when he was impaled on a rivals skate and his leg was gashed open, with doctors telling him he was unfit to skate. He ignored this, and went on to train and compete in the 1998 and 2002 olympics, with yet another injury, a collision with a barrier when training meant he broke his neck. AND STEVO CAME BACK! yes he did, for the 2002 olympics. And this was a moment in History, "I had competed in 3 olympics, but felt i hadnt done my best, and this was the olympics i was going to prove I could be the best". He did stunningly well in the quarter and qualifying finals, but as he was placed in the finals, he had extreme doubts to his talent and believed he would not win. He came last for the entiety of his finals, and began to slow in the last lap, seeing his opponents far ahead of him. As he rounded the last corner of the track, THE CHINESE SKATER WENT DOWN, ALSO BRINGING DOWN THE OTHER 3 COMPETITORS. Shocked, Bradbury skated to the finish, and won olympic gold.

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