Rose stems and Feral possums

Here are some photomographs from my stint in photography 'classes' in year 8. Basically we were given a camera and instructed not to take too many photos and forced out no matter what the weather conditions. The next week we developed our shitty photos, and the week after we would take. Battling people for the good tongs and drying rack space and who could snap the butterfly first was always interesting with its tribulations. These are a collection of the best of the worst, as back in year 8 i couldnt take a creative photo to save my life. iI do have some construcively better ideas for 201o and I will happily share them at this stage im just about scanning everything i can. I'm doing photography again this year, and hopefully my subjects are ore interesting then rose thorns, cats and teachers on bicycles ( observing a small feral possum, i may add).

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