Weak little lion man

Celine! You now have the old head designer of Chloe! You dragged her out of retirement with a substanital paycheck and now she is designing amazing things that everyone can wear! .. Overuse of exclamation marks.. prehaps. I love thisss! You know I'm excited when I'm slurring with excitement an a line skirt and white shirt. Love the shoes. always the shoes.
The marketing director at Clinque deserves a medal and a well chosen bouquet of flowers sent to his/her home real quick. Becuase for years Clinque have always had the nicest brightest campaigns, like the lipstick one with the strawberries and those faint red discs for the concealer. How beautiful is that flower? It is remarkable how easily these things get to me, i must be the worlds most vacuous and softest person when it comes to a good ad campaign, must be in the blood. or not. maybe i am just attracted to bright and shiny.

I am a) like a magpie, get distracted easily and quickly in stores eg. "ohh bright and shiny! "oh wait, more bright and shiny!". AND B) a shop assistants dream. I am so gulible and so easy to manipulate into a buy... everything on this shelf i have collected over the past few weeks and most of it i bought in about 10 secs flat. Lets go through that, shall we?
This is my floating shelf, i sleep under it so i fall asleep with a constant fear i will be crushed overnight. The giant Tin "G" was from the crazy lady store of the women who owns that shop on durrant street! shes mad! she got hit by a taxi and therefore often yells obscenities at people walking past. the widdle white frame i bought the other day with soph sarah and zoe, and example of how easily i can be lured into buying something. Zoe went to the post office and i came back with a frame.. Sometimes i do get ashamed..
The big frame with the text in it i made, using an old frame and the most interesting articles of a vogue.. my favourite headline is in the top left corner " Some Kind of Wonderful".
the little tin man pushing his cart i bought with sarah at an op shop on glenhuntly road, and it was $2 i think, he actually moves too.
The tealights was another magpie moment, from bed bath and table, i need to go back and get a 3rd. I love how the candle light shines through. I love it until the incensed candles give me a headache.. and then i stop loving it.
The big floral frame is my favourite, i still need to put a photo in, it was a bit expensive but i love the colours, and i love the pattern, and it breaks up the white. Im currently stalking an etsy frame which is white porcelian with flying birds on it... how i want you.

.. this is what I'm finding off all my obsecenly named folders..
I got out some of my photography photos from year sevs as i was feeling confident in my ability to take thrilling photos of trees, but as i looked through them i question what the fuck i was thinking when wanting to photograph zoe falling out of a tree and mr bartlett looking at a possum. But I'll put some of them on soon, and I'm doing photography again this year.
... Hello Indi, i hope to see you tomorrow in.. english?..

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