Your Daddy's Rich and Your Ma is Beautiful

Jeanne Oliver
I'm in a soft mood...(gay) like a coconut macaroon we sell at keiths for $2.20.
I've listened to "Summertime" By Ella Fitzgerald again and again. ( also gay)
Its been on my ipod for years, and I've never listened to it, just skipped past. But now I love it, Ella Fitzgerald was a singer in the 50's and Summertime is so scary.. scary beautiful but haunting, for want a less corny adjective... why must i sound say typical?
i blame sitting in a room with candles and mood lighting.
I'll write about Ella again another time, Ive been saving that for a post when i have a lot of time on my hands.. when does that occur nowadays IM BACK AT SCHOOL?
Actually, I had a lot of fun this afternoon. Usually I can't shop with my friends and only the credit card weilding mum BUT I HAD SO MUCH FUN. S, Z, S and my assualt on all shoe stores was both shocking and fabulous, how i want you, tall grey suede aldo shoes.
And you, RobertRobert $250 Suede Booties.
-Jeanne Oliver is an etsy seller I'm stalking and when I found out she had a Blog I was thrilled. Its called a Bush and a Peckle.. intruiging?
that is all.

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