pitching and rolling

I would not enjoy living on a boat. I would hate it. I would be plagued by a constant fear of the ticking alligator in peter pan and a rare though deadly white squall. I would hate the feeling of salt in my hair, and i would trip over ropes on deck. I would suffer without fresh fruit, and i would most likely sleep walk into the depths of the mediterean. I would be too afraid to toss food to fishes in fear of the pursuit of a shark, and I would die without my internet. But living on a boat is something I want to do, wile away the millions i will have accumulated in my later life and spend it on a small tallship ( SMALL version of the black pearl.. but not.. black. nor will my crew have aliens as their alter egos. no, we will be busy making hip hop dances so we can be ready to challenge other crews). I dont really want a crew, I want to live on a boat when I'm old when i look like merryl streep and travel barefoot wearing overalls with my still blonde hair in fetchingly age-apparent plaits. I'll be lonely, and buy a little boat with a little flag and a tiny cabin and i'll point myself in the vague direction of france and I will spend all my life at sea living amongst old glass and worn paper with a pair of specatcles and a broken compass. I'll sleep in this little cabin, with an ancient map and a cracked mirror. And its all wonderfully transparent and dreamer now, but i'll pull up at little islands and ill grap myself an adequate supply or wilder berries and then i will single handedly push my sail boat out of the sand and i will go where the wind takes me, and it will always be smooth sailing.

i dont need to explain myself
did you think you knew what i typically wanted? does it surpirse that i want to live on a boat? does this make my dream not typical? or does it just mean you dont know enough to formulate what is typical?
even people that are afraid of the ocean still go swimming.

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