Hermes! I love thiiss! I adored this so much when I saw it so now this is my favourite way to do my hair. If only I was using Hermes scarves and not $4 I bought secondhand. ( I will not succomb to say 'vintage'). I am so pleased now I finally Have a scanner, this is the back of Haarpers Bazaar USA. I love wearing my hair like this as its a) colourful and b) out of my face and c) interesting.
I tie the scarf around my head, knot it at the back of my head and then gather all my hair into one and use the other 2 ends of the scarf to wrap it in a plait.
My 'vintage' ( read: secondhand) scarf wrapt through a plait. New sunnies ( called THE RISKY SUNNIES') which are like rayban style and black with writing over them.
My white little top? Bardot shorts, tan belt, stole mums country road black bag, roman sandals. I HAVE NEVER LIKED GLADIATORS. EVER. The big turquoise ring is my current fave and the other ring which you can bareeeely see is an owl head.
I get paid on Thursday!!!!
Really enjoying Keithys now, the till and i have come to a mutual agreement to not embarrass me in front of customers or Oi Lan.
I orginally didnt have to go to school tomorrow but I am a peer support leader so i have to go and nuture and guide year sivins.

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