i look like a gangly snake.

i look like a gangly snake. yes. i am acknowedgly gay. but this is my blogbaby. i am always honest on my blogbaby.
Today i quizzed mum on dads elusive screenplay "Brad".
1. Brad is not any kind of alias for my dad. He is just coincedenally named with the same initial of my dads name. Nor in any parallel universe would my dads life mirror that of brads.
2. "Brad' is about a man called brad and is set in Mt Eliza.
3. Mum refused to tell me any more of the plotline.
4. Dad wrote "brad" 12 years ago, and wanted hugley to turn it in to a feature film. This didnt happen because he didnt have the time nor money to make a feature film. I was a lil tyke and james was born.
5. "brad" was shelved, but dad has always wanted to turn it into a film, and according to mum, still does.
6. dad is at work. "brad" is at work.
when dad comes home i will interrogate him about brad.
and then i will force him to get the script so i can read it.

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