I am a working gal.

I actually hate use of the word 'gal' but find it appropriate in this sense.
I work at Keiths' Cakes and i believe that they make the best goddamn caramel slice and gingerbread men in the world.
I got lucky when applying at Keiths, nice lady Linda called me the very same day and we organised my first day of work. Which was this Wednesday. And so much harder then you can imagine.
So i imagine most people are familiar with keiths. its right in the middle of churchy, and has been so for years and years. yes its my first working job. and very, very hard work.
i pride myself in being painfully honest on this blog, which i why i will divulge that on my second day i ended up in a gutter behind la porchettas wondering if the till was a machine created purely for the tortorous amusement of waiting customers and my boss. it hates me, it truly hates me. There is no pie chart in the shop, and there are over 12 varities of pie. there are only prices on some things. they reprice drinks every day. they have an employment with 3 fingers. even he folds boxes faster then i do. but i shall persevere, ignore oi lans "you put tongs wrong way. you make customer sad. you leave fridge open. you put money wrong way'.
i will KEEP GOING and hopefully it will improve.
if you are a stalker, please ignore this post.

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