This is my favourite photo from the entire weekend. I went to Jamieson, as per usual ( i originally wanted to say 'usz' short for usual but decided it sounded weird..). Went with tallperson george and zofia came too. Also in tow was said tallpersons fam and janine (babe?) and co. 5 adults, 3 teens, 3 little persons, 1 dog, 7 cars(?), 1 boat, 2 motorbikes and 23 brownies.
IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! this photo is laughable for 3 reasons, 1. George is reading a gossip magazine and getting into it, 2. i was literally inhaling the doritos seen in the bottom frame, and 3. zof was... i dont know what the fuck she was doing. i think shes mid shufflestep and i definitely recall the song being either miami bitch or tik tok. oh no, it was definitely tik tok.
Up on the wall in the background is the infinite amount of letters written by all the people that have come up to the holiday house, including a letter titled "THANKYOU FOR LETTING US CRASH AT YOUR PAD KAYS!!' from eliza, issy, annie, connor, jess, sarah, liv and whomever else came along that fateful day we decieved old gravy chips and snuck away from community service at jamieson to break into the holiday house whilist in howqua days.
The weekend was so much fun; i wont go into detail but my highlights were these;
1. George's monster sulk circa hour 3 day 1.
2. THE WATERMELON STICKS. james, harry, and christian remarkably sourced 2 bamboo looking sticks THAT ACTUALLY SMELT LIKE WATERMELON.
3. when janine cornered and questioned me about her singing.
4. hiding in the boat.
5. THE JASON MRAZ HAT that george owned. how we love that hat.
6. the discovery of a car that was nearly dead and was covered in beer cans and graffiti and called THE MILF HUNTER. it was travlleing at 5 km and was full of drunk young men.
7. when a ute nearly crashed as it was stalking zof along main street.
8. going to running creek and spending 10 minutes harmoniusly co-inciding with other river going patrons, before realising that we actually new them. ie. "excuse me to i know you?" "BRETT!", "ROB!".
9. a nice old man leant us some canoes. i was asleep in a canoe sitting on the grass. the old man dragged it off and pushed it in the water.
10. the discovery of a character called KNACKERS, whom zof, dad i crafted a lively story for.
12. when zof ate a spoon of vegemite, when i had to dance a stunning rendition of britney spears' 'you drive me crazy' to all the parents.
13. straightening georges hair and his jew curls.
14. going to jades' mad party.
15. zof smashing bottles of beers open on the back of a ute. class act.
16. my epic fail on the kneeboard when we went out on the lake. been kneeboarding for years, thought i'd be cool, get a lot of speed up, was attempting my huge array of tricksss (thats a lie. i know 2.) and decided i'd shoot of the wake so fast that i would get enough air and enough time to pull the handle around my body to have done some form of a 360 before i hit the water. i got into a 180. and that is all. i hit the water so hard i gave myself a blood nose and was woozy for the next hour. someone filmed it. i cant watch.
19. sneaking into howqua..

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