This is the cut-up and hastily pasted with poor quality glue collage I made from the wonderous magazines I hoarded like a little squirrel from the USA. I think I prefer American publications to Australian ones, and I'm trying to work out why..
Ooh. Serena is looking her manly self on the TV. Why is the tennis on so late?
Right. Yes.
America's magazines are just better and have nicer stuff and I loved putting this together and its the first one I've churned out that works co-hesively.
  • The Girl in the red and white jumper with her galpals is Alexander wang S/S 2010. How I love you.
  • The speedy looking lady on the left in the denim shirts and dark shades is Chloe Sevigny.
  • The shoebabies in the top right corner are Balenciaga.
  • The lady in the yellow is a Dries van Noten model
  • The black studed shoes at the bottom are on britney spears' foot, and are Louboutins.
  • The Model with the fawn brown skirt and white shirt is Celine.
  • the football is an Alexander wang clutch ( i hate that word)
  • the blush coloured shoes in the middle are FENDI
  • There is one singular photo of Chanel Iman and her model pal.
  • I have snuck in my favourite all denim chloe look. muahahah.
  • The brown bag right at the top is 3.1 Phillip Lim.
  • There is a horse brooch right next to it.
  • My eyes hurt. No more. if you have trained your leetle eye to notice things you want to know about, ask me , i need no reference as a) i forgot to pack other things on my flight to Auckland and all i had was this to study and b) if only my photographic memory could snap useful things and not be able to recognise britney spears' ankle.

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