I hate it how my party can't start until ke$ha walks in..

this is one of my new charms on the bracelets!
the leaf charm.. how exotic
i pulled both leaf charms off a necklace i'd bought when i was 10, and they look really good as they dangle heaps.
i have to pack for JAMIESON now so i shall return in due course.
i hate tavis hair.
thought id put that one out there.
all i have done is teased the dog and drank 4 glasses of water to rehydrate.
yesterday, I GOT A JOB!
I'm so tremendously excited!
the night before last night i decided to just sit the fuck down and write my resume and cover letter, and with the help of a mother that got a degree in resume writing it was hardly a struggle. thankgod for babysitting for i would have no previous work experience. So the next day, i dressed nicely and set out with my babyblue manila folder down church st. Went to Bakers, dropped off resume, went to Seed. Seed were very interested in me, they wanted to know which days i worked, but we could progress no further as the manager was out sourcing little people clothes. Went to bookstores, went to brumbys. The nice guy reggie at Brumbys said the owner had only said to accept the bes resumes and i was very chuffed when he said my resume was stirling and would i like a chat with the store manger when they return. i said yes, but the store manager was a fair few days away holidaying. Went ton Brighton Central toys, manager out, dropped of resume. Went into keiths Cakes, and it was so full. I asked to see someone about inquiring into job, and the really nice young lady was like, 'well, thats me!'
she took my resume and said i would be perfect , as they had needed someone to work for them on saturdays. she said i seemed like an excellent candidate and i dropped off my resumes as at a few more places, mostly kids stores, and the newsagent etc, and went out to see sophie, who had been kidnapped by her famdogga and was spending far too long in goanna. pronouced joanna. then , much to my surprise, i got a call! keiths! the wanted me to work for them!
not wanting to jump immediately, i went back to seed, the next most interested candidate and asked some more about the job. They wanted me to work, but the manager wasnt in so i walked across the road and took the Job at keiths cakes on church st brighton.
the job is 7-3 on a saturday, which is so good as i have all afternooon, and the crowd in their is really young and its always busy so i'm very excited. I start immediately, Linda is training me on Wednesday and I'll probably work all week (she said i could come in whenever) until school goes back. I am actually over the moon and so happy everything happened so quickly.
and the uniform is pretty damn cool. at least i dont have to wear checkered 3/4 brumbys pants! (ELLEN, SARAH!)
Come Visit me!!
should pack for jamo now. Going with Lady Zofia and georgey boy.

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