A crazy post.

Sarah and I are taking it in turns to write about Friday of january 15th.
She wrote the first half. You can see it here.

...Walking along the dodgy end of chapel st, the varied and frightening characters of chapel st revealed themselves. walking northbound, a man approached. A fat man. A homeless fat man. A homeless fat man pushing a trolley. He said "hello girls, girls, can i have.."
we fast walked away. far away.
we made it to the vintage bazaar, but not before i got sidetracked by shoe stores.
Entered bazaar, calculating mental plans of attack, along the lines of scarves, sunnies, bags.... OHH TEACUPS. Omg the teacups. Were so small. so petit. so round. Sarah loved the round.
she loved the small. she just loved the combination of small and round. But she doesnt like mice.
Whilist sifting through scarves and fearing an immenint attack from the scary lady who has the scarve stall, we heard yelling.
The yelling was being caused by the store manager.
and he was saying,.....

go to sarahs.

i am tired.
i sound like shit,
i am distracted
and therefore my calibre of writing is shit.

..just watched ghost with demi moore and patrick swayze. cried. what a sad movie.
i want a guy like same. love sam.
plan to sell tomorrow.
need profits.
and charms.

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