Attention all Cool teenagers,baysiders,...firbank girls, frequent visitors of markets and lovers of all things unique and cheap.
Modern day lesson:
Buy local. K-rudd encourages you too, and this way, your saving yourself money.
Guys, you know wrapt on church st, how it sells those bracelets with the charms made by kat dennings? and they sell them for 25$ FOR ONE BRACELET and $90 for a set of 6?
Theyre goregous, yeah, but.. very expensive.
WELL. The combined efforts of my materials and desparate need for money has and sarahs effectively steady hand and marketing skills have given us the combination of making the bracelets, that i swear, we compared, are exactly the same. I even use the same wooden beads. (dont tell the original designer..) So were making jewellery.
There are heaps more colours to come, and many charm variations that you can choose. We have selections of fish, giraffes, eiffel towers, religious pendants (they're cool though i swear), silohettes, horses, turtles, crowns and x's... and were getting many more tomorrow.
They cost $7.00. sivin!
Or, you can pick your colour bead, and we'll make the bracelet for $6, and you can choose how many charms you'd like for $1 a charm. I'm beginning to go with hungry jacks on this one... 'now thats good value".
Moral of the story... Comment the blog and exress an interest (how professional) and you can have one. Or, annoy me on facebook until i realise (or sarah.. shes much better to annoy). Or, if you are interested in making a small amount of money yourself, you can be a seller.. and just, you know, sell them to all your friends and generally spread the word.

Featured in photo: navy blue beads, clear 'x' charm and fish charm, $7.50
Brown beads, religious 'madonna' charm, turtle, $7.50
Cream beads, eiffel tower charm, $7.00

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