I am so obsessed with the Kardashians

I love the kardashians. Like so Much. Which is why i write this watching my seventh episode for the afternoon with zof. We have already consumed a packet CC'S and all the worthwhile chocolates out of the favourite box. And i am making bracelets. Buy them.
So i'm actually watching Khloe and Kourtney take Miami, which is still really funny as you dont have all the extra un-neccessary drama from bruce and his plastic face etc. You know, the add on kardashians. And Kim is still in it, and Kim is my favourite, and definitely the best looking. I loooove Kim. I am simply addicted to the Kardashians. Which is why Zof and I have also found ourselves on the kardashian website. We just took a quiz, Which kardashian are you. hehehe.
Zof is kim, i am still in progress.
The questions are hilarious.
Staying with lady zeee tonight, having golden globes party with pbear and neighbour stef tomorrow. And in the meantime, you know that i will be im 3m radius of the television. Becuase there is Kardashian sesh of back to back episodes.

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