before you think youve read this.. notice that ive ranted a third and final time.
i cant process writing about overseas, will do so when i return to the land of the living.
but in the meantime...
I'm a leeeeetle bit of a hypocrite, because i love clothes, i love fashion, (god, how vaccuos!) but i hate the industry. I hate that millions of dollars fund an industry that contributes so little to erveyones personal society. The same could be said for the impersonal relationship with the stock market, as my day to day life does not revolves around the mini heart attack i experience, palms sweating as i fear the familiar charms and Sandy Bender the newsreader telling us how the angus cattle stock or cadbury shares are pla-ma-ting.
When the revolution comes, they will be first against the wall.
I know of used this many many times, but its the plain and simple truth. whos with me! eh?...
In simpler terms, imagine it like the derogatory games we used to play in health when we were given a lifesaving boat, a selcetion of 10 people, but only 6 allowed on the boat. Consider our options a doctor, a lawer, a policeman, a model, a fashion designer, a chef, dentist, a scholar, a scientist and a musician.
Who would be the first to go?
The Model.
Then? The fashion designer.
If i had my way, which i involuntarily do... The next person would be the musician, but thats more my personal vendetta against my substantial lack of musical talent.
But, the object stands. The model, and the fashion designer, both of which represent a trade that is luxurious and, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, ... vacuous and unneccesary.
First against the wall. this is referring to the act where aristocrats were forced literally against a wall and shot by the peasants.
i relate this back to the 17th century french revolution (you know, marie antoinettes head went boing boing spleauch, along with, say, a hundred other aristocrats of the time). It was the french people making a momentous desicion about what was neccessary and essiantial for the time of living, and clearly, aristocrats didnt cut it.
In summation, we should all continue to ride the train that is hypocrisy about the fashion industry, we may apprectaie it, but not get too involved. I think a career in fashion is unwise, becuase when the time comes... first against the wall, ladies and gentlemen, first against the wall.

In Addition...getting back on the fashion hypocrit train again, i have found the ultimatum,
you know what? IF TAVI SAW THIS SHE WOULDNT ANSWER. noy literally answer, but as in, shed immediately typecast me as someone who "just doesnt understand the feeling when she sees new season pradas". WELL HERES THE QUESTION FOR YOU TAVI. MAYBE I DONT CARE. actually i like prada, lets change to dolce and gabbana. NOT EVERYONE CARES YOU SELF CENTRED HAT WEARING ADOLESCENT. too far? prehaps. hey, maybe i'll become famous, or infamous, as the girl who challenged tavi. so, ive heard bashing tavi makes you famous.
But dont despair, there is an alternative.
jane aldridge from sea of shoes. shes a respectively older teen, who smiles, wears intertesting things and most importantly, has an additional, non fashion oriented life. but this doesnt mean shes any less glamouros. among her followers are kanye west and anna wintour, and shes collaborating with shoe deisgners to create shoes and trenchcoats. She works with her mum, has an amazing sense of style and genuinely connects with followers, not on a superficial tavi way, like how tavi writes for inportant to read, not for us plebs. shes genuinely interesting and i love love love her angora red jumper and her grey cut of shirt.

A HABIT I NEED TO FUEL BY WRITING ABOUT WHAT INTERESTS ME. and today, its this, tomorrow it will probably concern the sri lankan refugees or walmart. you know, either or.

And When you thought it was over.. MUAHAHAH IT ISNT
I've been told to stay away from tavi. i shant.
But.. my next topic of discussion is;
It goes either way, as soon as someone hears about fur. You either are opposed to it, or in support. So which way do i go?
pro fur. Did you expect that?
Well i am. I'm in Support.
But I haven't always been, or more specifically, i havent always cared. All i really new and cared about fur was that i know there are activists against it and khloe kardashian posed naked for peta and that was a big deal as shes sort of fat. Fur in australia also isnt important becuase we dont have a very rich wealthy history nor does it get cold enough, and kangaroo fur coats would be, well, gross.
But when i got to americas skifields, fur was huge. And as we were walking through vail, we went in a fur store, selling coats etc. I was amazed at the texture, the colours, the feeling, the warmth. But still unsure, and was unaware of my parents thoughts, too. Getting back to the appartment, i went on a fur hunt. I found in my suitcase: a fur lined collar of a prada bomber jacket, a leather jacket, and leather soles of shoes. In mums i found leather gloves with fur on the cuff, a minx throw thing, a leather jacket and leather shoes. dads i ceebed looking in.
And on thinking of the matter;
i came to this.
Fur is good.
It is an excellent use of the animals coat. Animals are, at the end of the day,... for use of human desposal ( i sound like an earth hating freak... just wait until i start on "global warming" - also bullshit).
Its a natural warm material
It is farmed eco friendly in some aspects, as it doesnt require water to produce or chemicals to cure.
It is a craft to create fur jackets. fur products arent pumped out in a fatcory, they are crafted and stiched by professional craftsmen. imagine getting a degree in fur coat making. handy.
Each one is individual, though fur is similiar in widdle bunnies and fox's etc, its impossible to duplicate.
In the 'old days', it was a sign of wealth and opulence. This doesnt make it good, i just thought i'd add it. plus it looks, you know, healthy...(?! ...bad adjective)
I am, although, opposed to the incorrect farming of fur. Just dont rip the poor sods eyes out and im good with it.
And... people that say they hate fur, probably wear leather. and thats shooting yourself in the foot you dickheads. do they honestly check their shoes to make sure the sole isnt leather?
so.. i think about that sex and the city episode where samantha is wearing a fur coat and the peta activivists throw red paint at it. And i think; "well, you just ruined a perfectly lovely coat".
So there.