welcome jack, welcome zof

to my hundreds of thousands of fans; whom already have their "i love georgia" tshirts mailed to them, just a brief interlude to quickly acknowledge jack and zof..(s00n im hoping?)

zof i've known for 3 years and i still love her, always will, she never fails to impress me on how shoes will always and can always be the right size for her becuase they are too gorgoeus to not be hers. and she taught me how to actually walk in heels and straighten my hair and how to wear high white socks without stretching the elastic too much. may all our chai lattes taste like twigs, and i have a hundred photos of us in year sevs looking 2coolfoskool that are the most hideously ugly but best memories i have..
..and jack.. because i have never met a wittier male and i am truly thankful that was my second friend and that we will always share a joint and hearty enthusiasm at australias deceptive road signs and teaching zof about the all important things in life, like AFL. and i will be always appreciative for jacks wise, wise 'KEENLY WITTED' feedback on the (and i quote) 'fucked up society we live in'. jack, i think you should write in my blog when i lose interest.

and we both need to go to bed now, dont we jack, so i'm going to post this and then have a gigs in fb chat.

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  1. *sigh*
    u make me feel guilty and that i should go out and write my own blog the only problem with that is id lose intrest in it much quicker than u and its far more intresting just reading what u have to write

    and i think its time we finish the gigs
    and head off to bed :)

    night night