You've heard about the shop, now you need the clothes.

So I'm hoping you've read the piece i wrote on my today and my shopping trip, becuase this will make no sense otherwise. From tip to toe, naaaw.
The beret thingy is like a wheat coloured little hat thing that sits clinging to the back of my head and makes me appear somewhat european.. really throws off the americans. The shirt, which looks buttoned up high, which it isnt, its low enough to just not see bra, is like a denimy thing and doesnt photograph too well but goes with everything, my little banana republic steal. That vest i actually had to year 12 firbank girls stalk me down church st to ask about, i got it from a little boutique in the city.........
.......... which i found tucked in an ally, and its like ropey and actually is my favourite piece in my wardrobe becuase i've never seen anyone else in it and it just makes everyhting look good. Belt is tan leather and i have no recollection of where i bought it, but i wear it with everything. Jeans are my dark ones, which i dont wear that often, their from gripp, not gasp (ew) but gripp.
and finally, the new shoesies :)

so now ya'll know what i will be wearing tomorrow down hollywood boulevard, which im going to becuase a) i want to see the stars on the hollywood walk of fame and b) its new years. = celebrities. im not leavig until i see one. satisfyingly creepy, ahhh. go read my experience from my amazing shopping trip.
and finally, i've been saving this lil baby right here
sarah, oh my little shmuck, my darling panda bear.
i have poloroid camera for us.
yes. becuase today i saw an a sign advertising 'old cameras' and im like like "oh mum i want to buy sarah and i a poloroid" and shes like "you silly goose, dad has one at work you can have for sure"
why the bajesus does my dad have a polaroid cam cam???!!!! who knows. who cares
but hopefully he can find it as his work, and then, then it is ours,
and i already checked, apparently it has cartridges.
ohhh yeeeah
happy new year panda bear.

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