So I'm multitasking like the woman that I am to simulateasuly realise Zof's modeling dream and my own, though slightly sheepish and hypocritical, ..dream? of taking photos to put on my blog to up its 'im so creative and deep' factor.
Thats what people look for these days, isnt it?
My new pet camera is large, black and zooms like a mother fucker.
Actually thats a lie, becuase its dated enough to be considered old but still rearing its photographic head at the frontrunners of old cameras, becuase low and behold, it actually has settings. My only issue is on days like tomorrow, where i might have to sit on the tram to go meet Sarah and risk the disgusted, scornful looks from the public becuase i look like a young bred pedophile with my giant camera and shifty eyes.
When realistically, the actual reason for my shifty eyes is becuase the other day i had a run in with a young man named Josh.
Now, the Josh story is one that has certaintly earned a gigs or too, though unfortunately at my expense.
So I'm catching my tram, i have my ibaby in, clearly enjoying the lyrically inspiring song that is tik tok, and a boy gets on, about our age or so.
i didnt even notice to be honest, as he was neither goodlooking nor well dressed. He was wearing runners and jeans... runners.. and jeans... makes me sick to my stomach.
so he did the good samaritan thing and validated, and sat down. and then, he clearly had little regard for social situations as he jumped up and snuggled himself down next to me.
what. do . i .do
i'll tell you what i did. i pretended not to notice, becuase i had other things to focus on, like how p.diddy feels when he wakes up each morning.
and then josh stuck his hand out and said, no yelled
josh: HI IM JOSH (offers hand)
myself:.. hello josh... im georgia (foolish, i offered up my name)
josh: hey, are you ok, are you ok, ok ok?
me: ..yes continues staring staright ahead and ignoring the disconcerting josh
josh: OH CAN I SEE THE GADGET ( reahces out to iphone)
me: ... no, sorry josh, just look
- at this stage, the whole tram is staring at us, wondering wether they should help me or just silently laugh at me. they chose the latter.).. josh starts to moan. yes, moan.
i was so stunned.
all i could do was stare at this thing on my lap
josh: so so so what school do you go to?
me:... a school in a suburb
josh: what school?
me: a girls school
josh: what school?
me: a school with blue uniforms...
josh: are you ok ok ok?
me: hey sorry josh, this is my stop. (it wasn't).

so i got off the tram. call me cruel but it was terrifying. terrifying!

so i wonder how it will go tomorrow, and hopefully i dont see my pal josh.

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