It IS illegal to posess cannabis in Australia..

Q1. One thing You'd Change About Yourself...
i get jealous easily.

Q2. Two Quotes That Mean Alot to You...
It always changes..
"Never Will I forget the Days i Spent with you. Forever be my friend, as you will always find me yours". - Ludwig Van Beethoven and "And I will Fight. I will fight until my bones grow weary, until my beard grows long, and until my voice grows soft. I will always fight - i will always empart the wisdom and speak my voice just as the Children deserve it. I will do whatever is in my power to be strong, and to be clever, and quick of wit, but mostly, i will always, be a friend." my dad always quotes bits of this. I wrote it in my howqs diary at the start of the year becuase dad sent the quote but i dont know who said it...
Q3. Three Good Memories...
The Last night at Howqua. It was being with the girls that mean the whole world to me and the intensity of knowing that it was the last time it would ever, ever occur. It was lying in silence listening to the songs that explained eveything but knowing that everyone was awake next you, thinking the same things. It was finally getting the book at 3am and emparting the memories to the Lucky girls of the future and realising how much I'd changed.
When i was awarded young scientist of the year.. Gay i realise, but I thought i was the smartest person in the world. I was given a cheque and a medal, and told to make a speech about how my invention was going to save the world.
Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon.. i wasn't going to write this as i cant remember why it was so good but i was 8 and i remember being so wondrous and cold and happy... it was snowing and i was wearing a red jacket and purple gloves and i was dangling my legs over the edge and wondering what is was like at the bottom.
Q4. Four things You're Obsessed With...
Club Med Bintan Island. The most beautiful place on earth. Any way that i can get there... i will.
My CamCam. Even if it has 5cm of zoom and takes 2 days to actualluy see the photos, i love it.
The song 'middle distance runner' by Sea wolf.
Chai Lattes...the best ones are from the pantry and gloria jeans on glenferrie...

Q5. Five Things You Love About Melbourne...
The weather. Where else could you have a boiling hot summer and a snowing winter. Plus its not humid, but it can be hot one day and raining the next. And the seasons are distinct enough to a) build a good wardrobe out of it and b) enjoy everything about the seasons..
TRAMS. you dont understand how much i love them. Unfortunately it takes sarah and i a good walk tram walk train train walk bus walk tram walk to get to each , but you know. I just found one near my housie wousie and do i love it? um yes. i"ve even got a handy timetable, much to the amusement of my friends.
Wide streets and it has nature strips. You'd be surprised at how many countries dont have nature strips.
Its not too big to be a huge tourist hot spot.
Its home.

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