Why are there no sheep?

I am in new zealand!.. where everybody says hullo, satee, and wulcome.
This morning started with a painfully early start, me having to wrench mother away from snowy, who was giving us this unneccesasrily saddened look. sorry you can't ski, snowy.
we drove hideously annoying crewman ute to airport, and as we hit the freeway we hear a grinding and popping noise. silence descends.
james: What was that?
dad: ....
james: dad?
dad: this morning... the back broke.. so youre bags may fall out....
mum: you didnt secure them at the back?!
dad: no?!
so we had to pull into the emergency lane to fix the problem before the contents of my bag threatened to smother the oncoming traffic on the tullamarine freeway.
problem solved, headed to airport. 'uge cues.
got shuffled to 'special line'. bags put through, bags over weight. many smiles and dad shmoozing meant they didnt charge us. phew.
mum got lipsticks confiscated as she forgot to put them in special plastic bag.
as we got on the plane, james and i insticvely followed mum and dad until a literal velvet rope was snapped inbetween us, down the end we go.
james and i fought mercilessly for the window seat, but i let him have it for nz if i could get it to LA. how wins now, eh eh?! i was sitting in the middle, on my left was a lovely young man whom i had a chat with named Daab or Naab. daab/naab was from nz, visiting family for christmas in melbourne. he had a cool apple mac, which i watched him edit cubes on the photoshop feature. i showed him how to put affects on, he was very much grateful. at one point of the flight, the people in front put their seats down, we had our trays open and food on them and the seatbelt side was turned on. daab/naab was asleep and i was listening to my ipod when james decides he needs to go tothe toilet. how selfish. so i had to ask the people to put their seats up, call a flight attendent, wake daab and squeeze into my seat for my stupidly ignorant brother to go to the toilet for the 6th time that hour. .........people in nz lounge want this computer, must move to laptop..

...on latop,positioned infront of weird installation art that looks like white felt boobs...unusal.
i think im going to move into a lounge. theyhave showers,bathrooms,beds,tv,internet, food, shops,and fetta. its love.
anywaaay. mum and dad came down the back to tell us what they had for lunch in first. yes, becuyase i'd love to hear about your entree while i wrestly for my armwrestwith both james and daab. i had to sit with my arms in my lap most of the time on the plane.
im up to date on all my trash though, ihave almost the whole selection of acp publishing magazines, including famous, grazia, who, nw, ok, cleo, cosmo etc etc.
its a bloody long flight. i deserve it.
disappointingly, james and i expected to land in a soft green pasture with sheep casually strolling around the baggage carousel and gandalf greeting me at cusoms. no such luck. i shall publish some cool photos of weird felt boob art and this crazy banana bar. also, newzealanders think they can get away with renaming smarties as pebbles... how imaginative. at least smarties make them sound like they have sass.
found out someone else i know will be in breckenidge! what a small world this is!
i will update shortly , probably around our 4 or hour 5 in lounge.

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