Hopped off the plane at LAX...

Getting here was actually among the biggest rofls of my life.
ahahahahahahahahahaha enjoy this.
So i had to leave my much loved flight lounge/haven. which was sad, and i was further disheartened by the knowledge that the flight was full. great. chances that i would be seated next to a fat, sweating man greatly increased at that. anyway, we headed towards the gate and then... we got separated into male and women, becuase all passensgers going to the us needs to be triple checked,
so, we got frisked. and all our carry on luggage was checked. females getfrisked by females, males by males. i had a lady check through my carry on luggage too. she had to closely examine all my unnecessasy jewellery, check my camera battery, empty my chewing gum, pat me down, search through my wallet, and all the other.. er .. things in my bag... yeeeeas.
finally,we were on board. dad booked tickets so james and i would have the window and the middle seat. so we went down to our seats. whoa.whoa there. old man in our seats? on closer inspection... old man was in his own seat... we were booked for the aisle and the center.... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. i went to go find mum and dad, and offered the old man an opportunity to sit on the aisle, wondering if he would be more comfortable. he politely declined. damn. so i went to see mum and dad, as people were still getting on, and they wondered if it were possibly for them to swap, as for some pathetically spoilt reason i had an unexplainable anxiety in wanting the window seat.
when we getback, the cute little man was sititng by the aisle..
him: you can have the window seat, youre lovely brother told me you really wanted it.
me: what? no?! i just? james?! oh no please please move back to your seat thats absoloutely fine.
him: i've flown thousands of times, its the least i can do to make you twolovely children happy
how sweet is that? he was from london, and james and i felt increasingly bad everytime we made him getout of his seat so we could go to the bathroom. about 2 hours in, we were cramped, uncomfortable, sick and then..james got a shocking nosebleed.
blood was gushing everywhere. and im not good with blood. not good at all. but i clenched my teeth and old friendly man called for a flighty to get us some supplies. moments later we were working collaboratively to mop up little bruuh. and then, following the instructions we were told, james and i asked to go see mutter and futter. the ladywas shockingly rude saying; "look. kiddies. people pay a lot of money to sit up the front, and im not letting children like you run around and annoy people. so no, you cannot see youre mum and dad, even if your brother has a nosebleed". i was shocked...
until old man stepped in. "excuse me, these children are polite and they havent disrupted me at all. i think its fair if they see their parents." she gavce us all a banishing look and sent us back to row 38.hmph. 4 hours later james really wanted to see mum and dad. luck was on our side and mum appeared. big confusion and a hoitytoity flight attendent. turns out.. we were promised that we could visit anytime, and that didnt happen and blah blah blah and big boss nice flight aattenednt ,man jumped in and.
muahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahha. we waved goodye to our old man friend and hlaf way through our 13 hour flight, we moved up. and you know what? we had a flatbed. so i slept. and it was amazing . i couldnt stop shmiling!
woohoo it was soooo good.
so that was great.
at the other end, i got off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan...
cool miley. your a cool girl. you dont carry cardigans.especially to LA.
every city has a smell. melbourne smells like rain and grass. singapore smells like incense and chlorine, paris smells like garbage, new zealand; well i never left the airport, but LA ..smelt like peanut butter. kid you not.
arrived at 2 in the afternoon, i was so confused as the sun was all wacko, weird in the northern hemisphere. got to hire car place... with our 5 giant bags.. and we had... a corolla.. no noo noooo.
got a uge car, its so big and large. luckily dad drives on the other side with no problem at all, on the freeway they have special lanes for people with passenegers in cars.. so you are encouraged to carpool with people in order to drive in the 'special lane'.
got to house,very amaziiing
seeing alexis tomorrow!
tired and distracted, going to eat a reece's pieces now.

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