.. is creepy.
Its a creepy chat thing where you get introduced to a stranger who usually says one of 3 things;
1. yo 2. f**k me or 3. I'll f**k you.
I'm throughly disconcerted by my peers on omegle, a view converstaion have glimpsed the following; discussing kangaroos (jack) being 'in the hood (myself) and running away from the cnversation before the stranger says anything (sarah).
sarah is saying eleanor outloud at the moment. i'm not with her , but i can tell.

Only one more day and im jetsetting off the us of aaaa.
guaranteed ill be doin' a miley and 'hopping off the plane at LAX' though im almost certain i wont have utes to jump allover and boots to scuff and girls to to have ' all around me'. and im also convinced my hair wont look nearly as.. tousled... and i wont be grinding myself all over my many, many faithful backup dancers. ah, to be miley.
.. today, dad got an email from the airline.
... to my disappoitnment, brother and i havent been upgraded.
ahh well, im sure the fat american sitting next to me on the flight over will be a great honest friend.

today, my grandomother divulged a great story to the familey about me. she told me that when i was 2, i was sitting in my car seat in our 4wd , and as we pulled up next to a truckie, i pulled my worst face and gave him the finger. three times. family was consequently horrifed and began blaming each other to whom i learnt the disgusting habits off. it was decided my mother in her small bout of unexplainable road rage when i was younger.

Today i saw the lovely bones,
zof and i loved it
it was very true to the book
but we spent half the time in a state of fear becuase its bloody gruesome and the killer is careepy.

oh yes, christmas.
got a pretty fair haul, had the day of relatives and the giant ham which, i kid you not, rolled off the plate and onto the floor, almst denting the floorboards. there was a moment of shock as everyones eyes went from the empty plate to the ham. plate. ham. plate. ham. dog. dog? dog!
ah, a narrative for us all.
so, 2 days ago, snowy is viciously attacking his legaloo.
he was scratching his leg like mad for someoe to notice and take him to the vet.
the dog has a rash, and was issued with expensive cream and ... A BUCKET HEAD.
i , of course , didnt realise, as it was early and i was still sleeping at the time
but it was like a second christmas when i came home and the dog was smashing into things becuase he had those big plastic wrap around thing on his head
omg i love it
i actually laugh myself silly, becuase he tunred the corner too sharply on the stairs and cuaght his bucket on it and you can hear the giant scrape.
so to make his discomfort worse, i stickytaped a dogs treat to the wall
and watched him attempt to reach it.
he couldnt, so i laughed and laughed.
and then mum took it off becuase i was being cruel and then the bloody thing could reach it
and today we was sniffing along in the tanbark and collecting all the tanbark and when he lifted his head up he was buried in it,,.... AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
post photo in half an hourr.. of dog with bucket

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