I write this sitting by the pool, forcing my words out through this unconventional setting and not the stereotyical struggling writer with ratty scarf in dingy coffee shop. Thats.. ew.
Many moons ago my outdoor setting obsessed mother decided we needed a bizzarre shelter complete with waterproof furniture, a drought- hating water feature and a cooling fan. Ahh.
The wireless only just reaches out here an their is no power source and i can't find the bloody brightening button for the life of me so I have to squint at the screen...
My stupid looking sulky dog has literally just been cleaned so he resembles the little dog that bounces on the bed in shrek 2..so white and bouncy.. but hes spent a good 4 hours of his exciting life staring at a small hole in the wall and growling at it, becuase hes convinced a small and entertaining family of possums is nesting in there. ... Theyre not...
the ole blog has somewhat taken the back foot in the christmas preparations... mum is freaking out as the tree is half decorated and we havent ordered the ham yet..
yesterday i did something unusual, and went down to the beach. The beach has too much sand and the sand is hot and finds its way into everything... but still i went met z, a, and s. Bronze campers were... bronzing.. i think 'to bronze' needs to become a verb.
They're were the majority of btowns youth frolicking in the 'surf' and pretending toe dead so other 'bronzers' could drag them out and practicse those foreign moves to save lives. Very entertaining. Jack, my 2nd and 3rd friend, was among the bronzers and the first thing he asked sbout was the blog so I need to update and give my many, many screaming fans what they want.
At the beach i identified a large, smooth flat rock not a metre away, very calming until we realised it had a long tail and was moving.
S found her soulmate when she was walking alongside the road and a guy was driving past, clearly in his own place and he miaowed.. so she miaowed back.
Young People these days!
I am somewhat forlorn over my tragic inability to tan and instead skip all matter of sunglow and skip to the shade of cooked artic lobster i know only too well.
Went to the lovely Ellens' today and enjoyed myself immensly, zof got her hair wet (dammit) and didn't have proper shoes to ride the scooter with (dammit again). Found someone else who's pupils arent the same size also...?
Met Em and Zof for a half decent chai lattee this morning... didnt have money so stole from james' prized jar of cash hes using to save up for a bmx bike.
Poor zof has a potassium defiency and toxiplasmosis (???).. which i think sounds like a species of endandgered snake.
The dog has finally given up on the possum family.. only too return a few minutes later with a bone. I'm yet to work out the benefit of the bone, i didnt realise possums had such a cumbersome appetite for lamb shanks...


  1. to bronze i think i might have to start using that, tomorrow i shall go to the club and annouce to the world that im here to bronze
    i wonder what kind of reception ill get?

    and might i just add that im quite glad zoff has the disease thats really actually a snake because the alternative was glandular fever, bad news for me

    sorry i didnt come to ellens, kinda had my hands full glad to know u met alex though

    you know, bronzers, bronzing.
    doing what they do best... bronzing/saving lives of.. each other.

    yes i didnt see you at ellens, you were bronzing for quite some time it would appear!

    lady zofia, yes what a spin, soon she'll be going all reptilian on us and insisting on consuming small rats whenever we go out...you'll have to start breeding mice.