This is Skism, one of favourite stores becuase everything is so preeetty and old and cheap. And that's always a good thing.
I know what i don't like about Tavi. And I know its wrong for me to bash an innocent bespectacled 13 year old but i was browsing her blog and she encouraged me to empart my wisdom.
I can't warm to her because she seems to segregate people... normal people from heel- wearing coat-rocking fashion people. And she seems to separate them to a degree that makes her seem unsaatisified with us mortals and strive to get away from the society that is schooling and weekends of sport and movies. Sweetie, thats what people do. Because to say "people dont understand me" and "i am not satisified with school" is, on reading all of her musings, an insult, an insult that maybe i can't not take personally. So sorry Tavi that we're just not good enough...?
I Will post more on my effective day and provide feedback on how it goes on the tram.. oh god.

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